10 Best Sugar-Free Bakeries To Buy Our Desserts From

Let’s have some guilt-free and sugar-free desserts this Christmas when we order from these bakeries.

Christmas is coming and we’re all struggling to stick to our diets. There are so many pastries to try but that’s a no-no if we have diabetes in the family history. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy sweets. Many bakeries nowadays focus on using alternative sweeteners like maltodextrin, erythritol, stevia, and other sugar alcohols to keep the blood sugar down. But not to worry, we have a tried and tested list here of sugar-free bakeries to buy our desserts from this Christmas.

Sugar-Free Desserts to Try

1. SugarFreed

sugar-free desserts

Located in Batasan Hills, QC, SugarFreed‘s specialties are sugar-free classic Filipino desserts. One of their best sellers includes their fluffy Brazo De Mercedes with a gooey egg custard snuggled into the meringue. Egg-based Filipino desserts are more their specialty since they also have an irresistible Leche Flan and Yema Cake to their list. But for those who aren’t fond of Filipino desserts, they also have a Berry Cheesecake. They usually delivery via Mr. Speedy or Lalamove. You can either order through their FB or call them up at (028)5149190.

2. Tsp of Vanilla

sugar-free desserts

Owned by Rachel Chuanico, she uses Monk Fruit as a sweetener instead of the typical erythritol or stevia. If you’re looking for a quality sugar-free Burnt Basque Cheesecake or Japanese-style Cheesecake for desserts, Tsp of Vanilla‘s the way to go. Majority of her specialties are cheesecakes. She even has a new turtle-style topping for her sugar-free cheesecake. She stays in the Green Meadows area and if you want to order, just check out their FB for instructions.

3. Sincerely’s Kitchen

sugar-free desserts

If you’re not in the mood for sugar-free cakes for Christmas desserts, how about something more bite-sized? Sincerely’s Kitchen focuses on bite-sized sugar-free treats. They do cookies and donuts, with their donuts being puffy and almost cake-like in texture. It’s perfect to enjoy with our tsokolate eh that we normally melt a tableya for on Christmas. They also have an Ube Halaya Cake for something a little closer to the Puto Bumbong or Bibingka as a Christmas cake.

4. The Sugar Free Bakery

sugar-free desserts

Xavierville’s The Sugar Free Bakery has breads, cakes, and even savory food to enjoy. If you’re looking for gifts to give your diabetic relatives or your friends on keto, they have the Sugar-Free Spread and Care Box which has their breads and sugar-free nutella and sundried tomato spread. We suggest trying their Fresh Blueberry Cheesecake or their Himalayan Dark Choco Cake. You won’t even realize it’s sugar-free unless someone tells you!

5. Keto Treats By G

In a snacking mood or trying to satisfy a cheese monster at home? Located in Cenacle Drive, Quezon City, Keto Treats by G has delectable Cream Cheese Brownies that sates our cheese craving. They’re perfect for snacking and for gifts should we want to give our sugar-conscious friends. They also have a variety of cheesecakes that range from blueberry to cherry and even chocolate. Now that’s something to enjoy even while on a keto diet.

6. Ketoghenick Delights

Available on both Food Panda and Grab, Ketoghenick Delights does sugar-free desserts and savory food. Their Ube Cheesecake is one of their more noteworthy desserts. But if you want to try a little of everything all in one go, they have what they call the LC Bento. It’s a sampler of almost everything and offers delightfully mild-tasting desserts if you don’t have a sweet tooth to begin with.


XUGR makes amazing sugar-free ice cream which we can add to our coffee or use to make an affogato (espresso + ice cream). They have a Brazo De Mercedes too which they sell in tins as good sugar-free desserts. But the kids will definitely have a kick out of the sugar-free marshmallows. XUGR has sugar-free smores that the kids would love with their hot chocolate in front of the fire or watching a Christmas musical or movie.

8. Crisha’s Kitchen

This Pasig-based sugar-free bakery focuses on recreating classic desserts such as Carrot Walnut Cake, Tiramisu, and Strawberry Shortcake. If you’re feeling a little nutty, they also have their sugar-free Cashew Sansrival Cake in both small (PHP 900) and large (PHP1,700) sizes. If there’s no room in the freezer for cakes and your other baked goodies, they have some sugar-free cookies to keep the munchies quiet throughout the night.

9. Gianna’s

Gianna’s moist, sugar-free desserts have our mouths watering. Catering more to those in Makati and Parañaque, Gianna’s is known for their Moist Chocolate Cake or their Quattro Chocolate Cake which has 4 times the chocolate-y goodness. If you’re not into chocolate though, she has different kinds of cheesecakes. Plain Cheesecake, Lemon Cheesecake, and Matcha Cheesecake are some of the varieties to try out.

10. Healthy Bean

Based in Parañaque, Healthy Bean focuses on muffins and brownies which are ideal for snacking. The best part is, majority of their sugar-free creations are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Some of their more famous desserts include the Banana Blueberry Muffin, Dates Toffee Blondies, and the Raspberry Chocolate Muffins. You can order from them via their FB.

Sugar-free desserts for a healthier Christmas

We know holidays are supposed to be our “cheat” days but we can’t cheat on our diet if there’s nothing to cheat with. These sugar-free bakeries made sure that their desserts won’t spoil our Christmas Eve and morning by tasting just like their sugary counterpart. Although some of us aren’t fond of sugar-free, we’d like to think that it’s just our way of making sure we can enjoy more Christmases to come with our kids. That, and our diabetic relatives won’t be left out of the fun either.

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