Should You Pierce Your Baby’s Ears?

Should you or shouldn’t you?

In a lot of cultures —including ours—many little infant girls leave the hospital with their ears pierced. But many moms are opting to forego the tradition and wait ’til their daughters are much older. Wondering if you should take the plunge? This should help you decide:


There’s less chance of them playing with the piercing

Some moms argue that the earlier you get your baby’s piercing, the less chances of her playing or tugging at the earring. This also means there’s less chance of infection. Your best bet? Getting the piercing after your baby’s gotten her DPT shot, which is usually administered after 6 weeks.

They’ll want earrings anyway

Another popular argument is that most girls love earrings — so why prolong the inevitable? By getting earrings earlier, they’ll get the ear piercing process out of the way too. Win-win!

… and they won’t remember the pain!

A lot of moms admit that they were traumatized after getting their ears pierced as adults. In fact, some of them wish they’d had it done as infants. “I got mine when I was 10 — it hurt so much and my piercings got infected!” a mom shares.


Their body, their choice

Some moms prefer to wait ’til their child is old enough to make the decision about ear piercing. They believe that individuals have the right to decide what should be done to their body — and that includes ear piercing. Better yet, wait for them to ask AND THEN discuss the pros and cons together. This way, you can come up with a collective decision whether or not to get her ears pierced.

So it can be a bonding moment between mom and daughter

Getting earrings is a rite of passage and some moms argue that it’s a great opportunity for mom and daughter to bond. In fact, some moms will even get pierced at the same time!

It will heal better

One big con of getting your ears pierced as an infant? The symmetry! Since babies’ earlobes aren’t fully grown yet, they’re more likely to be asymmetrical. Meaning, the hole — although it may appear to be in the middle— might not be in the right place when she’s older. Yikes!

Where to get babies’ ears pierced

Plenty of pediatricians in the Philippines will pierce your daughter’s ears for you. If you do decide to take your daughter to a piercing studio or a mall kiosk, do be aware that piercing guns are more likely to cause infections than piercing needles. Once the piercing is done, keep an eye out for allergies or swelling and keep the area as clean as possible.

When it comes to making decisions like these, we always say that mama knows best. Do weigh the pros and cons we’ve listed above and consult your pediatrician for extra advice!

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