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The Thrill Of The Ride: Sid Maderazo and The Brap Pack

Sid Maderazo talks about his love for motorcycles, his advocacy for safety, and how the Brap Pack has evolved to more than just a bike crew

Photo courtesy: @ sidmaderazo via instagram

Fresh off his stint as a triathlete, having participated in the Iron Man race in Melbourne back in 2015, Sid Maderazo was looking for something new to dive into. “Ryan Agoncillo got me into motorcycles, but he won’t admit it. Back in the day, he would always offer to lend me his Vespa or his scooter but I never took him up on it. One day, I saw him post on IG about a Ducati Scrambler he just bought, and it had a retro look that I was really drawn to.” His fate was sealed as he went ahead and purchased his first bike without telling his wife.

“There’s this saying that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, and I think that’s the first hurdle. The fear of asking your wife for permission is greater than the fear of – knock on wood – getting into an accident. You really have to make sure she approves of it,” quips Sid, disclosing that his wife, Kat, was furious with his decision. “I was done with my middle-aged-man-in-lycra stage, and I was looking for a new thrill,” he shrugs.

As a truce, and to put his wife’s mind at ease, the father of three agreed to take lessons. He attended a riding school in Paranaque where he parked his motorcycle for about a month, until he completed all of his requirements. Soon after, the thrill was real, and the Brap Pack was born. Its members? Just a few celebrities: Paolo Abrera, Ryan Agoncillo, Jericho Rosales, Drew Arellano, Odyssey Flores, Javy Olives, and Todee Teodoro.

More than just a bike crew

Photo courtesy: @ sidmaderazo via instagram

Originally dubbed Scramblered Eggs, a playful reference to the fact that all members were riding a Ducati Scrambler, the group consists of close-friends-turned-family— all familiar names in the local film industry. Later on, Jericho Rosales coined the name Brap Pack although, ironically, they have never ridden together as a complete group. “It’s kind of funny! Lagi kasi may kulang!” laughs Sid. 

Despite the distance and conflicting schedules, the Brap Pack have remained solid friends. “It’s not just about motorcycles. It’s really a tribe. Our wives are also all very close friends, and our kids enjoy hanging out when we’re all together,” shares the renowned director, who speaks very highly of their tight-knit group. “These are good people. Family-men, dads, responsible fathers, and we all learn from each other. We are tied by this common passion for motorcycles, but it’s bigger than that.”

“We always talk about being a dad. All the eye-roll moments as a parent. We also share each other’s successes and achievements. We update each other if someone’s kid does something incredible! We encourage each other, and for me, it’s such a wholesome group that I love. The motorcycles were just a catalyst, more than anything. It has evolved to something much more,” explains Sid, aptly calling the Brap Pack his support system. 

He wants to remind everyone that safety has to come first

Photo courtesy: @ sidmaderazo via instagram

Sid’s fascination with motorcycles has only intensified since he started riding. “I’m the type of guy who gets obsessed with certain things that I’m interested in. I pull out all the stops, just to really get the best,” he says, also mentioning that his collection has grown since his initial purchase.

A stickler for safety, Sid learned the hard way. “I’m an advocate for safety, because I got into a horrible accident in 2018. I was in a hurry, I was only wearing a t-shirt, but I had my helmet on, of course. I broke seven ribs, two collar bones, and punctured a lung,” he explains. “It was very difficult for Kat to allow me to get back on a bike after that, but she knows that it’s my happiness. That’s something I will never forget, and I owe her that.” 

“I posted about my accident because there’s no other way to convince people or make them more aware of how motorcycles can be dangerous,” adds Sid, as he elaborates on his accident which was caught on CCTV. 

It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle

Photo courtesy: @ sidmaderazo via instagram

“I love motorcycles. For me, it’s my therapy. When I’m sad or when I’m happy, I ride either way. If I need to think or come up with an idea, I brainstorm while I ride,” says the renowned director. He continues, “My wife and I ride together and it’s fun because we actually get to talk more. She rides as a passenger and there are no distractions— no kids, no phones, we don’t think about what needs to be done at home. It’s just the two of us and the open road.”

“I’ll also call my best friend, Derek, who I convinced to ride,” He smiles widely. “We communicate via bluetooth, and throw ideas around while riding. We tito-ride talaga!” Sid shares, driving the point home that it’s more than just a mere pastime for him. He’s even incorporated it with an actual new hobby— birding. (Where he rides around on his bike shooting videos of rare birds.) 

With three motorcycles currently still in his garage, and one already on location near their soon-to-be abode by the beach, there’s no denying that riding has become a permanent fixture in Sid Maderazo’s life. Who knows if he’ll be adding more to his collection, but one thing’s for sure— the thrill is here to stay. 

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