10 Relatable Family Moments in Spy x Family Code: White

Spy x Family Code: White has so many families relating as Loid, Yor, and even Anya navigate through their familys life.

When it comes to espionage and family, it’s usually a single member who’s keeping a secret double life. But in Spy x Family Code: White, it’s the whole family who has secrets — even the family dog (Bond) is in on it! Even though they have their secrets, The Forgers always find a way to come together as a family while trying to protect the others from their secrets.

With a super spy for a dad, an assassin for a mom, a telepath for a child, and a clairvoyant for a family dog, here are the top 10 relatable family moments for this super-powered family!

1. Yor gets bothered by office gossip.

Working moms know that office gossip is what keeps the routine interesting, especially the ones about cheating. Unfortunately, as her colleagues start listing the three obvious signs of a cheating partner, Yor soon spots Loid in an alley with another woman. It doesn’t help that right after the encounter, Loid exhibits all three symptoms: 1) longer business trips, 2) changing of outfits, and 3) gifting her something new, leaving poor assassin-mom confused and anxious.

While we moms may look like we devote a lot of time to our kids, it doesn’t mean we love our partners less. We just show it differently wherein our love focuses more on how we can make our partner’s lives easier.

2. The slice-of-life moment where moms feel they’re lacking in caring for the family.

Family movies also tackle moms grappling with their self-doubts and feelings of not being good enough. Even with Loid complimenting how good she is as a mother and wife, Yor does have these bouts and thoughts where she’s not good enough. She spirals into a depression and the gossip further fuels those thoughts, making her do all sorts of things to cope with it including “chugging” liquid courage to confront Loid about it.

3. Loid and Yor lash out at the same two men who attacked Anya.

We are protective over our kids and we’ll do all sorts of things, whether it’s for vengeance or protective reasons. It just so happens that Anya’s “parents” are trained to “terminate” people so when Anya screams for help on the train, Yor immediately responds and gives the two soldiers a savage beatdown. Loid does the same after he overhears one of the soldiers complaining about how the dog (Bond) bit him when they took Anya, even if there was no immediate reason to do so!

4. Loid does everything to make sure Anya wins the cooking class.

Every parent wants their kid to succeed and we will do everything in our power to make sure it does happen. If only we had the large spy network like Loid, the tools he had to break into the wineries, and the skills, we’d probably do the same if our kids need to achieve in a cooking class. He even researches about the judges which led to the events in the movie, suggesting to Anya that she makes the meringue-like dessert meremere because it was the principal’s (who was the judge) favorite.

He even drags his friend, Franky, into the mess and doesn’t leave him any room to say no.

5. Yor and Loid comforting and reminding each other where they are.

Parenting is a full-time job wherein we’re thinking about anything and everything. When Loid fixates too much on his need for Anya to succeed, Yor gently reminds him that the trip, even though it had an objective, was still a family one that Anya looked forward to. When Yor reveals her feelings (in both a drunken stupor and a sober way), Loid reassures her that they were in it together, reminding her of the moment they got “married.”

6. Anya runs away from the hotel to help Loid get the last thing he needs.

Kids want to make their parents happy too and when they know they can do something about it, they go for it. As soon as Bond locates the last ingredient, Anya decides to leave the hotel to go get it. Kids are quite sensitive to the things they know that distress their parents and Anya, being a telepath, knows about Loid’s mission even if he never told her.

7. Anya tries to save her parents’ relationship.

Kids are highly sensitive to changes at home, most especially emotional ones. They also understand that their parents’ relationship is one of the most important things that are holding their family together. So when Anya senses something’s wrong with Loid and Yor, she acts upon it with whatever knowledge she has. It just so happens that Anya can read minds so it’s easier for her to find out the whole picture.

Unfortunately, she heard the word “divorce” in their thoughts and recalls Becky, her classmate in school, describing divorce as a “bloodbath.” Horrified, Anya sees “flirting” as the solution and the polar opposite! She then shoves them into the Ferris Wheel in hopes of preventing said “bloodbath.”

8. Loid and Yor do everything they can to get Anya back.

We love our babies and when someone takes them, we will raise hell and get them back. When Anya gets kidnapped, Loid flies a plane to chase the blimp with Yor stowing away. However, it’s on the blimp where we see their challenges and approaches vastly differ. Loid sneaks in to steal Anya back by swapping disguises every so often while Yor dodges bullets, beats up an entire hall of men, and fights a superweapon.

Both are equally difficult challenges and it shows that even parents have specific challenges. What makes it even funnier is that Yor remembers more that she’s a mother and hollers down the hall full of enemy soldiers: “I’m looking for my husband and daughter! Have you seen them?”

9. Anya has Loid and Yor scolding her at the same time.

When days somehow go wrong, it can leave parents scratching their heads and wondering why things happened the way they did. Even with Loid being a super spy and Yor being an assassin, things were just so hectic that it didn’t make sense. But when Anya finally decides to come clean about eating a chocolate bonbon with a microfilm inside, both Loid and Yor piece things together and discipline her together.

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

10. Anya badly needs the toilet.

Kids know this panic better than anyone. Their bladders are small and controlling the urge to go to the bathroom is torture. But when Anya finds out that they’ll kill her after she takes a dump, she does everything she can to hold it in. She dances, wriggles on the bed, and does all sorts of things to keep her mind off the need to take the dump. Including meeting the god of poop.

Spy x Family Code: White is fun and action-filled for the family!

Most family movies usually follow the pattern of the whole family learning a lesson that brings them closer to one another. But while those lessons usually come with a lot of tears, there are also lessons families can find with a lot of laughs. Spy x Family Code: White shows that even if the world is collapsing on itself, the family stays there in the end.

This movie will need tissues but not because we’re bawling but hooting with laughter to the point of tears.

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