Steve Burns Returns to Blue’s Clues for Another Adventure

Steve Burns recently returned to another episode of Blue’s Clues as he helps solve a mystery alongside Blue and Josh.

Steve Burns recently returned to the World of Blue’s Clues for another episode. In a trailer, the original host wore a fedora hat as he helped our friendly dog and Josh de Cruz solve the “Mystery Of The Missing Chair.”

In the clip, Josh and Blue went to see Steve and they exchange hugs, saying they are happy to see each other.

The Blue’s Clues episode airs Friday in the US.

Another Blue’s Clues alum, Donovan Patton, is also a guest in the show.

Guest appearances

Since leaving Blue’s Clues in 2002, Steve Burns made special appearances after the show was revived as Blue’s Clues & You with Josh as the host.

Moreover, Steve appeared alongside Josh and Donovan in the film Blue’s Big City Aventure, which premiered on Paramount+ last year and will be shown in Nickolodeon soon.

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