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10 Stylish Pregnant Moms to Take Inspiration From

Being pregnant didn’t stop these moms from bringing their fashion A-game. Take inspiration from these stylish pregnant mommas!

Wardrobe options can be quite limited when you have a growing belly. But these stylish pregnant moms prove that you can still have fun with fashion despite the body changes. Take a look at how these moms were able to flaunt their styles while showing off their baby bumps!

10 Stylish Pregnant Moms We Love

1. Camille Co

stylish pregnant moms

Fashion Blogger Camille Co has always been known to show up in the most creative outfits. While pregnant with daughter Sienna, whom she gave birth to in March 2021, she was often seen wearing haltered frocks and dresses with dramatic sleeves that highlighted her pregnancy glow.

2. Martine Cajucom

stylish pregnant moms

When it came to flaunting her bump, Sunnies Creative Director Martine Cajucom loved donning both bright and printed body suits. She gave birth to her daughter, Penelope Martine Ho, in June 2020 and since then, we’ve seen Martine dress up her daughter in pastels and corals—colors that Martine herself loves.

3. Tricia Gosingtian

stylish pregnant moms

Hinhin Founder Tricia Gosingtian documented her pregnancy journey with florals and dainty dresses. In an Instagram post, she shared that something as simple as documenting her pregnancy OOTDS has been helping a lot with her self-image. “Dressing up (and showing up!) became a challenge that I looked forward to every week, and seeing my body transform everyday normalized change. It made me feel like I can take on anything and everything,” she captioned. Tricia gave birth to son Leo in April 2020.

4. Sam Pinto

stylish pregnant moms

Sam Pinto’s neutral OOTDs while pregnant always looked so refreshing. Her love for earth-toned hues is evident even in her daughter’s cute outfits. Sam gave birth to Mia Aya in September 2021.

5. Katarina Rodriguez

stylish pregnant moms

When you have a stunning backdrop like the beach, you’d want an equally stunning outfit to match. Katarina did this by always donning bikinis and flowy dresses that flaunted her growing belly. She gave birth to her son Robert Joaquin last August 2021 via water birth and even shared her amazing experience.

6. Yuki Higson

Next on our list is fashion blogger and entrepreneur Yuki Higson. Known as the Style Cat, she definitely showed off her style in bold colors and prints amidst different settings in Makati. Yuki gave birth to son Luca in May 2021.

7. Coleen Garcia

From sporty chic to flirty and feminine, Coleen Garcia knows just how to pull off either one. Her pregnancy journey was quite remarkable as well, as she gave birth at home via water birth. Coleen is mom to son Amari, who was born in September 2020.

8. Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez

While most pregnant moms prefer donning dresses to highlight their beautiful bumps, Philux Managing Director Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez is giving us a 1970s vibe with this look. She is currently expecting her third child.

9. Anna Cay

Although vlogger Anna Cay usually stuck with plain-colored dresses that kept her looks timeless, there were some days she wore colorful ones—like this tie-dye shirt dress! Anna gave birth to son Alexei Constantin last October 2021.

10. Denise Aquino Posadas

Last but not least is Tokyo Posh’s girl boss and fashion designer, Denise Aquino, who recently launched a new collection for her label. She shared in a post, “Just like this baby in my womb, I’ve been working hard, though quietly, for the release of my new collection for Shop Denise Aquino. This collection is very close to my heart as I tweaked and redesigned the pieces to accommodate and accentuate the changes happening in my life.”

Stylish Pregnant Moms to Take Inspiration From

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