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Suki Salvador Followed His Passion And Look Where It Took Him

The former VP of Content & Creatives steps up and out of his comfort zone as One Mega Group’s President

There is more to the newly appointed president than meets the eye. We all know of his creativity and his 13-year tenure at One Mega Group, but what exactly makes him well-suited to his new role? One word: passion. Ask anyone who’s worked with the industry veteran and they’ll tell you that SCS — you’ll have to earn the right to call him Suki — has always just known what he’s wanted to do and put in the work to get where he is today. And he won’t stop. Here’s why:

It was something he was born to do

As dead set as the former NYU pre-med student was on a career in medicine, the arts — his true passion— never stopped calling to him. While in New York, he was bitten by the fashion bug after working as a dresser for YSL during fashion week. He trained under renowned photographer, Raymund Isaac and created his own magazine, ICON. And, thirteen years after joining One Mega Group as Creative Director, the rest, as they say, is history.

He is surrounded by people who believe in his vision

Suki and his brothers, Ferdi and John

As the 5th of six children, Suki’s family has been nothing but supportive of his career. “For close to a decade and a half now, I have seen you work with the utmost integrity, compassion, panache and passion for your craft,” says his brother, Ferdi. “The word proud cannot justify the pride I have in my heart when I look at you and see how you will make a difference in this world.”

His colleagues, including Modern Parenting’s Editor-in-chief Marga Tupaz, look up to Suki not only as a mentor but also as someone who inspires them in the workplace. “Suki supports his people, is there whenever and wherever he is needed — but he won’t hesitate to call people out. With him, you can expect honesty and candor. He will always tell it like it is. Like a parent, he knows how to connect with his people and talk to them in a manner they understand.”

“This past year hasn’t been easy,” shares Marga. “Our CEO, Archie Carrasco and Suki challenged us everyday to make the impossible, possible. Seeing Archie pass the reins over to Suki was a testament of their partnership and brotherhood. And like family, they always did everything with their employees in mind.”

“I’m so proud and grateful to have worked so closely with both of them the past year. It was because of their (tough) love and encouragement that Modern Parenting is what it is today.”

What the future holds for Suki

In his speech yesterday, Suki revealed that once upon a time, he was on the verge of quitting his job at One Mega Group. But, perhaps through divine intervention — or was it Sari, still doing the work from up there — he now realizes it all makes sense.

And for those of us who are under his leadership, we’re glad that he’s staying; not because we’re fans but because of his tenacity and eagerness to follow his passion. And in a time where quantity is valued over quality, Suki is staunch in his belief that excellence should always come first.

His vision? To turn One Mega Group into something brilliant — a font of quality and compelling storytelling — and eventually, into a media giant. While it might sound like a pipe dream to others, for those who know Suki and his commitment to pursuing his passion, it might very well be a possibility.

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