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The Ultimate Modern Parent: Sari Yap

Although she may have never been a biological mother, Sari Yap was definitely a mom to many, and we miss her dearly

We all have non-biological mothers — the yayas who put us to sleep; the teachers who nurtured us in school and the grandmother who spoilt us endlessly. There are so many mother figures in our lives, and they’ve all made a lasting impact. To many of us at One Mega Group, our late founder, Sari Yap, has been the matriarch we continue to revere and look to for inspiration. Here’s why…

The original creative soul, Sari Yap

Sari started MEGA with a vision — she wanted a magazine that was all about innovative content. The first copy of MEGA magazine featured a short, brightly colored Religioso cocktail dress; bold and daring, a true representation of her personality. Two years after her passing, it is this same exuberance that we see in anything that is produced by the titles of One Mega Group.

Tough love

As parents, we’re all too familiar with the phrase “tough love.” Despite all the whining and groaning of our kids, as moms, we’ve got to tough it out and keep them in line. Same went with Sari — her opinions and methods may not have won the popular vote, but she knew she had to make decisions that would benefit the company as a whole. She called everyone out when needed, and was even nicknamed ‘the dragon lady’ at one point. When Sari wanted something, she stopped at nothing to get it — but it was always for the greater good. And that’s exactly what parenting is all about, isn’t it — looking out for the entire family with the best intentions.

Sari the healer

During the last few years of her life, Sari’s spiritual side and maternal instinct truly manifested. Those who were lucky enough to have worked with her during this time were astounded about how awakened she became. She loved to talk about life’s purpose and its many mysteries. Most importantly, she taught others the value of self-love. Sari never hesitated to reach out and help people, she shared her energy and her light to everyone who needed it, and eventually became a source of comfort and enlightenment for many. She spent her remaining days in this physical world in pursuit of love, unity and inner peace.

We should always take the opportunity to celebrate the mother figures who have changed our lives. Whether we realize it or not, they are an outside voice that’s invested in our happiness and growth; perhaps one day we need to carry the torch and do the same for others.

Thank you for everything, Sari. Thank you for the legacy you left behind and for teaching us how to carry on. We are grateful for all the values and lessons we’ve learned from you, and for your light that continues to guide us. Wherever in the universe you may be, happy happy birthday to you, our dearest Sari.


The Modern Parenting Team

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