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Learn About The First Masectomy Bra: The Empower Bra From Avon

Learn more about the world’s first mastecomy bra

For over 25 years, Avon has been at the forefront of the battle against cancer— this year, they’re putting everyone on #BOOBwatch. Early detection of breast cancer is potentially lifesaving and Avon wants to make sure every woman is aware of the signs, risks and how to take action against the big C. Ladies, put your worries aside because we are here to support each other!

Say hello to the Avon Empower Bra

This year is special for Avon’s efforts for breast cancer awareness as it launches the Avon Empower Bra, the first-ever mastectomy bra — specially designed with breast cancer survivors in mind. It’s a non-wired nylon micro-fiber lace bra equipped with soft lining with pockets for prosthesis and cushioned straps for comfort and support.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Avon Launches Empower Bra - Empower Bra
A unique feature is found in the prosthesis — it’s made out of 3D PU foam meant to fit your cup size.

Show your support!

Let’s show our support for the campaign by purchasing Avon’s Breast Cancer Promise products. For every pair bought, P50 will be donated to the Philippine Cancer Society, Avon’s longtime partner. Through this, you’ll be able to help women fighting cancer at the Avon-PGH Breast Cancer Clinic.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Avon Launches Empower Bra - Cancer Promise Products

October may be breast cancer awareness month but for a survivor, it’s a battle they have to face everyday. So what are you waiting for? Join the #BOOBment and check out their products! Follow @AvonPhilippines on Instagram and Facebook.

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