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Gender Based Violence: Take A Stand and Speak Up Now

Let’s get one thing straight. Gender-Based Violence or GBV is a real problem. As parents, this is something that we take very seriously.

Since the start of the community based quarantines (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) in March, women’s and children’s rights groups in the Philippines have warned that while reports of GBV have decreased, this is far from the truth. In fact, incidents have alarmingly increased while the victims are trapped at home, in lockdown, with their abusers. 

Fast Facts

  • Almost 8,000 cases of domestic violence and abuse have been reported inside homes, with victims having nowhere to go or run or ask for help.
  • Only 34% of cases are actually reported. 
  • With the prolonged lockdown, cases are increasing by the day.

Some instances of Gender Based Violence happens when…

  • Women and children are beaten and assaulted by the males in their homes.
  • Women and children are forced to have sex or perform sexual acts 
  • Your safety is threatened at any time and you begin to fear for your life and that of your children’s
  • Jokes, insults and/or punches are thrown at you because of your sexual preference 

Help is here

In partnership with USAID (United States Agency for International Development), Lunas Collective launched a hotline for Gender Based Violence victims to reach out to when they need help or rescue. 

Text Lunas Collective ot call the hotline for help


FamiLigtas seeks to educate about the realities of GBV. Through this nationwide campaign against Gender Based Violence, it aims to build awareness among communities and the public — especially to people who don’t realise that they are victims of abuse — about GBV and circumstances that surround it. FamiLigtas also aims to empower and encourage victims and survivors to reach out for help by promoting support systems within communities.

Parents Take A Stand

Today, we have seen many individuals post black and white photos of themselves on social media, putting up their hands saying STOP! 

Spearheaded by Karen Davila, Filipino journalist, staunch advocate for women’s rights and mom, this social media campaign’s objective is to bring awareness about the Gender Based Violence issues we are facing in our country and what it constitutes. “Gender Based Violence starts at home, which is why protection should also start at home,” says Karen.

Here are some parents who are taking a stand against Gender Based Violence:

Through Karen Davila’s efforts, GBV awareness is being raised
ZsaZsa Padilla
Marga Nograles
Stephanie Zubiri Crespi
Happy Ongpauco Tiu
Audrey Tan Zubiri
Ferdi Salvador
Vina Morales
Candy Pangilinan
Tootsy Angara
Jackie Avecilla

We applaud all of you. The Modern Parenting team enjoins FamiLigtas in bringing awareness about Gender Based Violence to parents and to as many homes as we can.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of Gender Based Violence, or if you feel like you are but aren’t so sure, we are urging you to please reach out to the hotline provided above or message Lunas Collective. 

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