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The Mindful Mommas

Amanda Griffin Jacob, Edna Coliangco Chua, and Malou Araneta share the wellness practices that keep them enriched as mothers and individuals.

Unlike generations before them, modern moms can now have it all — a thriving career, a blissful home life, and a full social calendar dedicated to their interests. That doesn’t mean seemingly having everything comes easy. The pressures of staying on top of every aspect of their lives while having more to give to their families can be daunting, which, without mindfulness, can spill over to their homes.

This is where wellness and healing come in, enabling women to live life in balance and be the best versions of themselves while nurturing their inner selves. These women have harnessed the power of their own healing and wellness practices that keep them mindful and grounded.

Amanda Griffin Jacob, yoga practitioner

Amanda Griffin Jacob has only continued to look graceful years after her modeling and hosting days,
but she has more than her good genes to be thankful for. An avid hot yogi for years, Amanda
co-founded Vida Yoga, a bikram yoga studio that allows more people to discover and explore the wonders of yoga and how it can help them find balance and zeal in their hectic lives.

Yet years back, Amanda herself was pretty skeptical about the practice.

“To be honest, yoga never piqued my interest in my 20s,” she tells Modern Parenting. “I thought it was just about stretching. But then, when I was preparing for my wedding, I heard about Bikram yoga from a friend and the thought of hot yoga really got me curious. I tried my first class and I was immediately hooked.”

Yoga has done more than just benefit aesthetics for Amanda; it has helped shape her wellness journey by raising her energy, patience, and zeal.

“Unfortunately, like many women, sometimes it seems like I don’t have enough time in the day to dedicate time to them. A lot of the time is spent prioritizing the kids,” she shares.

But Amanda says that yoga has helped keep her grounded and thankful for a non- linear journey. “I’m on this path of wellness and healing for life. There’s always so much work to be done, things to process through and learn. And I love every moment of it. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s all the sweeter when you come out the other side and feel so amazing,” she adds.

Edna Coliangco Chua, energy healer

At the core of every life-altering journey lies a moment of change, a catalyst that sparks a journey toward self-discovery and healing. For Edna Chua, a psychoneurologist and a mother of five, that pivotal point emerged during a vulnerable time — her struggle with pre- eclampsia during pregnancy.

According to Edna, living a balanced life takes intention and purpose, which she counters by carving out a daily schedule so she can have quiet time in the afternoon.

“As a mental wellness practitioner, I see how important mindfulness and mental health is in our lives as well as our children’s well-being. When a person is unhappy, the tendency is to take it out on other people. Unfortunately, sometimes those other people may be our children,” she explains.

There’s a mindful practice has helped improve her personal and family lives. When it comes to her children, she’s devised a code word, “Dr. Mom,” so she can fulfill different roles and be there for them.

“When there’s a problem, my instinctive action is that of most mothers: to jump in and resolve it. So my kids and I created a code word: Dr. Mom. If they need me to help them identify what’s bothering them, or if they want to tell me something and not be told they are wrong, they invoke Dr. Mom,” she explains.

“So now, whatever I learn, I share with my kids. I share with them my struggles and how I work around an issue. They know that their mom isn’t perfect. But they also know that having the courage to live authentically, ask for help when needed and pushing through even it’s hard, is all that matters.”

Malou Araneta, shamanic breathwork teacher

Embarking on a personal journey of self- discovery and healing is what led jewelry designer Malou Araneta towards shamanic healing.

“I was seeking alternative approaches to well-being and stumbled upon shamanic breathwork. My neighbor invited me to attend this shamanic breathwork session, and I said yes without knowing what it was all about,” she shares.

Since then, Malou has deepened her understanding of shamanic healing and is now a shamanic breathwork teacher, which has helped her with mindfulness and nurturing her mental health.

“I prioritize them by starting each day with meditation and breathwork, which helps me stay present, focused, and mentally resilient. It’s essential as a mom to model self-care for my children,” she explains.

Balancing her well-being with motherhood is a continuous journey, Malou reflects. Although being a mom means dealing with time constraints, she shares how she fits it in her busy schedule. “I prioritize shorter, focused sessions of shamanic breathwork and mindfulness during breaks or moments of quiet throughout the day. Additionally, flexibility and adaptability have been key in ensuring my well-being practices remain a consistent part of my life. I also believe in taking things as they come, I don’t want to pressure myself too,” she shares.

“I introduce my children to shamanic concepts by just seeing what I do at home, showing them how it had a positive impact in my total well-being. Being able to show them how it’s important for me to be in nature and, I share stories that connect them to the natural world and its healing properties. Flexibility, patience, and self-compassion have been my greatest lessons. As I’ve grown, I’ve realized that healing is an ongoing process. It’s okay to embrace new practices and insights along the way.”

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