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These 5 Swimwear Brands Are Pregnancy and Breastfeeding-Friendly!

Here are some swimwear pieces that are pregnancy-friendly and breastfeeding-friendly.

Nothing is more irritating than throwing away our favorite swimwear because of our changing bodies due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Staring at the mirror in our old swimwear can sometimes hit us with the shame of how our bodies changed. How it no longer fits what society deems beautiful—making us more embarrassed to go to the beach. However, these swimwear brands help pregnant moms-to-be and nursing moms regain the confidence to enjoy the sun.

1. Sirena Swimwear

In collaboration with MuM, Sam Pinto-Semerad created breastfeeding-friendly swimwear for moms who want to enjoy the summer sun. They come in different colors also—mostly in the rustic color spectrum.

2. Float Swimwear

Unapologetic about how they want nursing moms to love their bodies again, Float offers a variety of swimwear designs in multiple sizes. They have plus sizes for swimwear and resort wear, too! They’re also available in Adora at Greenbelt.

3. Mama.licious

Mama.licious covers all stages of pregnancy when it comes to their swimwear. In addition, they have a few designs that are breastfeeding-friendly! A lot of their swimwear designs are 2-in-1 so there will always be two styles available and it won’t look like moms are repeating designs.

4. Swimees PH

Swimees create custom-made swimwear and do so on a good budget. Their order form allows moms to have more freedom on how they want their swimwear to be done especially when they find themselves frustrated with not finding their preferred design and style on the rack. Or especially those that are not breastfeeding-friendly.

5. Coral Manila

Coral Manila isn’t known for just creating cute twinning swimwear. They have chic swimwear for expecting moms as well. They did a short collaboration with Andi Manzano, too!

Celebrating pregnancy and nursing during the summer on the beach

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are MOMents that should be celebrated instead of hidden. It’s the wonders of a woman’s body and nobody should tell you otherwise. The only one who can give permission to make us feel good or bad ourselves is us. Plus, a little sea air never hurt anyone!

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