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Fashion Forward Maternity Looks You’ll Want To Wear Even If You Aren’t Pregnant

Who says you can’t rock a skintight jersey dress even if you’ve got a bump the size of a basketball?

Hey there mama to be! Congratulations — now it’s time to start thinking about your closet for the next few months. Yup, your body’s going to change A LOT and you’re going to want to be prepared. But just because you’re going to gain weight (in one particular area to be exact) it doesn’t mean you’ve got to scrimp on style to dress your new body shape. We’ve got tips on how the ultra-fashionable do maternity fashion. Ready, steady, go!

Best maternity fashion tips for stylish moms

1. Add a pop of color

Photography: @ilovegeorgina via Instagram

If you’d rather keep your ‘fit a simple and understated, adding a pop of color to your look could make all the difference. We love how Georgina Wilson topped off a simple black jersey dress with a lemon yellow satin blazer to amp it up.

2. Use what you have

Photography: @beibeidee via Instagram

Before you start hoarding all the jersey and empire waist dresses, take a look at your closet and see which ones will give your belly breathing room. Loose, flowy maxi dresses and tops usually do the trick!

3. Embrace that bump!

Photography: @martine via Instagram

When you’ve got a watermelon for a belly, lean into your new shape and choose material that’ll embrace your curves. Check out Martine Ho loving her new roundness with a ribbed swimsuit!

4. Don’t get rid of everything the minute your water breaks

Photography: @kryzzzie via Instagram

Just because you’ve given birth doesn’t mean your body will automatically shrink back to its normal size. It usually takes a few months — or sometimes a year — to get back into your old clothes. Our tip? Keep the cute maternity clothes you’ve hoarded over the last few months. You’re going to need it for a little bit longer!

5. Prints are everything

Photography: @audspastelero via Instagram

Prints are a great way to disguise or emphasize a bump, especially when they’re well-placed. Using prints might be the most indispensable tool in your arsenal, especially if you’re feeling extra “meh”. Check out how mama Audrey Pastelero’s dress uses two styles of the same print — super cute!

6. Keep it consistent

Photography: @lizzzuy via Instagram

Feeling overwhelmed? When shopping, choose the silhouettes you love best — and work for you. Whether it’s jumpsuits or gauzy sundresses, stick to one style that’ll get you throughout your whole pregnancy. Trust us, your wallet will thank you in the end.

Whatever your approach is to maternity fashion, remember, this is your chance to break supposed “style” rules. Just have fun with it, you’ve only got a few months to worry about anyway!

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