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This Is How Families Suffer From Long-Term Lockdowns

After multiple lockdowns, CDC Ph reveals that the pros may have been outweighed by the cons long-term especially with the alarming birth and death rate.

Going through multiple lockdowns took a toll on our families. Our movements were restricted, many of us have lost our jobs, and many plans were forced onto the backburner. It affected even our kids’ education, making a sudden transition to digital, distance-learning, or homeschool learning. But the traumatic effects trickled down with The Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDC Ph) revealing the negative impact the lockdowns had.

CDC Ph: “Not in depopulation mode YET but we might have to consider long-term effects.”

With our families alone, we know how the lockdown has affected us. But, not all families coped the same way ours does. CDC PH found the numbers alarming because the number of dead surpassed the number of kids being born last September 2021. Besides the pandemic, they say that the other factors that contributed to it were extremely expensive healthcare services, badly done experimental vaccine research, and also the loss of jobs.

“These statistics on the decline of births have a huge implication on the longest, most expensive, and tyrannical health protocols our country has ever tried,” shares Former CDC Ph President Dr. Benigno “Iggy” Agbayani, Jr. “We need an independent group of researchers and investigators to look into better solutions as soon as possible.”

The Impact

We always thought that “trauma” usually means something dramatic has to happen. But in this case, lockdowns are traumatic. Everything just happened all at once and we were left with nothing familiar to hold onto. But it’s during those times that we have to unlearn in order to learn new things to adapt to the new normal. After all, we’re just slowly getting back into the groove again. It really takes time.

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