4 Tips to Encourage Kids Read Books

How can you make kids read despite the gadgets around them? Here are some tips to encourage your kids to read more books.

Technology has made life easy for parents but it has also been a challenge as it can disrupt their kids’ behavior. Reading books have become a challenge because kids would rather spend time playing with gadgets like phones, iPads, and Playstations, which can make them lazy.

So how can parents convince their kids to pick up a book despite so many disruptions? Here are some tips to encourage your kids to read more books.

Read to them while young

As early as a baby, it’s best that you start reading or storytelling with your child. Not only do they learn but they also pick up the habit and importance of reading. After all, children imitate their parents.

Put some reading apps on the phone or iPad

If you can’t stop them from using the gadgets, might as well adapt to it. Why not download the reading apps and inform your kid to use them during their free time. It can also help them with their online schooling.

Teach them to read

Reading is a habit that kid needs to pick up. As a parent, it’s important that you teach the child how to read. Aside from reading to them, teach them how to pronounce the words and let them read the story out loud. Not only will they learn pronunciation but also storytelling and narration.

Tips to encourage kids to read books, have them write too!

Promote writing and ask questions

With reading comes writing and asking questions. Encourage your child to write by giving a pen, paper, and even crayons to use and explain what they read about. On top of that, asking questions is another way of encouraging kids to read because it will help them answer based on what they’ve learned.

Best tip to encourage kids to read: read with them and make it immersive

Patience is key

With kids spending time at home due to the restrictions, the role of parents has drastically changed. Parents are not just there to guide them but also teach them. Balancing a career and being a parent can be exhausting but for your child to learn and be encouraged to go to read and do school work, patience must be practiced.

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