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7 Tips for Parents Attending Pride March With Kids

Here are some tips for parents attending the 2022 Pride March with their kids!

Unable to celebrate Pride in 2020 and 2021, celebrating the 2022 Pride March will be in full swing. Currently marked for June 25, 2022, at 4 PM, in Pasay City, it won’t be just a march but a festival to celebrate those who bravely came out and are looking to empower others who have difficulty doing the same. To support, some parents want to be a part of it—which is why here are some tips before attending.

1. Don’t mention religion. Not even once.

Be mindful that the idea of having a Pride march came out because many of the attendees were burned by those who used religion as a reason for their hate. With many Filipinos being so religious, some use it as a belt or a slipper to punish their kids especially for being a member of the LGBTQIA++, quoting Leviticus every time. That’s the last thing your kids and the attendees need.

While we believe God loves everyone, not everyone shows that He does.

2. Be open to listening to the LGBTQIA++ members.

A lot of times, homophobia happens due to lack of knowledge and understanding. It’s time we open our ears to members of the LGBTQIA++, starting with some friends of our kids. Although, as parents, we might feel a pang of jealousy knowing that our kids might trust them more than us, the 2022 Pride March is the best way to start understanding our kids and showing how much we love them.

3. Do take pictures of your kids celebrating Pride.

We’re sure your kids want photos to commemorate their celebration of Pride during the Pride March, especially as a member. And as parents, we’re more than qualified enough to take album-worthy or IG-worthy photos if our phones have at least 300+ shots of our kids. Although some of us may not be ready to outwardly show our support among our own circle of friends, we can still show our support by taking DP-worthy photos of our kids in Pride instead.

4. Arrive early.

Pasay is going to be traffic and while it is a march, going home won’t be. Head towards the area at least 2 to 3 hours before and then nest somewhere near the starting point. This not only gives us time to ask our kids for some pointers on how things go in a Pride March but at the same time, assures them that there’s a comfortable ride home.

5. Don’t freak out if you get pronouns wrong.

Being grammatically and politically correct is important but the big thing is not to apologize excessively and profusely when we get it wrong. Although it’s ingrained in us to do so, a lot of times, it makes our kids who are attending Pride feel uncomfortable when you freak out. If someone corrects you, just repeat your sentence with the proper pronoun and continue talking.

6. Be ready for the onslaught of comments from the family.

While we’re proud of our kids, LGBTQIA++ or not, some family members may not be. And when our kids post about it online, some family members tend to get aggressively preachy. Remember our promise to our kids that “no matter what happens, we’ll love you and protect you”? This is the perfect time to invoke that promise. They may be family but, as parents, nobody attacks our babies like that. It’s 2022. Time to tell them to get with the program.

7. Do bring an emergency medicine kit.

Like all grand events, there are a lot of physical things that can happen. Especially now when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind to either boil or barbecue us—having a medicine kit during the 2022 Pride March helps keep things safe for our kids. We want them to be proud of who they are but we also want them to do it safely.

The Best Expression of Love and Acceptance: Attending the Pride March

Attending Pride March has a lot more impact on our kids than we realize. For them, it’s showing that we’re willing to learn and accept them for who they are. That includes their friends from the LGBTQIA+ community and supporting their endeavors. In a society where many still—whether subconsciously or consciously—discriminate against the LGBTQIA++, our willingness to attend and bringing our kids to the Pride March is one of the biggest expressions of love and acceptance we can give.

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