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Sharon Cuneta Shares Message After Daughter Miel Comes Out as Queer

In an Instagram post, Megastar Sharon Cuneta says that her love for her daughter will not change and that she is free to be herself.

After Miel Pangilinan came out about her sexuality, her mom, Megastar Sharon Cuneta posted a long message as she threw her support behind her daughter.

In the post on Wednesday, June 15, Sharon knew that once Miel (or Yellie as she calls her) comes out, the feedback would be partly negative.

“Lots of people who are quick to judge instead of pausing to think for a moment that my daughter, like so many members of the LGBTQ+ Community, did not choose to be queer. She just is,” the singer wrote.

“I believe God doesn’t make mistakes. So many of the most sincere and most decent people I know are also LGBTQ+ and I love them for all that they are. What’s next is that I will have a happier daughter who is now ‘free’ and will always be a good person with a good heart—and still always courageous.”

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Miel is loved no matter what

In the same post, Sharon added said that Miel will never be treated differently despite coming out.

“She will certainly be treated no different by us her family and those who truly love her. I will love her just the same, if not more. As I said, all my children are PERFECT. I may be a Mom with traditional values, but that doesn’t mean that my mind is too tiny to accept people for what they are—what more my own child?” she said.

“What matters in a person is their goodness. Sincerity, pureness of heart. Faith in God. In Miel, I have all those. I am proud of my girl and always will be. Needless to say, she will always have my support and love.”

The actress advised her daughter not to mind critics—saying that no matter what, the family has her back in her journey.

Kiko Pangilinan speaks up

Outgoing senator Kiko Pangilinan also showed support for his daughter. In a post by Sharon, Kiko wrote: “I love you Yellie Bellie. Mama and I will always be here for you. Always. For certain. Forever. No matter what. Period. No comma. The end of the paragraph. Amen.”

Since coming out, many of Miel’s family members, including sister Kakie, have rallied behind her.

Miel is the second daughter of Sharon and Kiko.

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