Titus Samonte Chua Enjoys His 3rd Birthday With Peppa Pig

Nothing made Nadine Samonte Chua happier than when she saw Titus’ eyes light up at his 3rd birthday party.

It melts our hearts to see how Nadine Samonte Chua gushes about how her son, Titus, enjoyed his 3rd birthday. With the help of Party Station PH and event coordinators from One Tree South, Titus had his dream 3rd birthday party and even had a visit from two of his favorite characters: Peppa Pig and George from The Peppa Pig show.

Photo from Nadine Samonte

“He even wanted to bring them home!”

In her IG post, Nadine Samonte Chua mentioned how she “teared up” upon seeing the “smile in her son’s eyes”. She writes, “We told him that he would have a chance to see Peppa Pig and George. He didn’t want to leave the party and even told us to put Peppa Pig and George in the van! Bring them home to sleep in Titus’ room! If only we could, anak, we would.”

We’re sure that all the stress of the logistics, food, and making sure everything fell into place was all worth it for Nadine when Titus had the time of his life.

Photo from Nadine Samonte

Happy 3rd Birthday, Titus!

Seeing photos of how happy Titus is during his 3rd birthday is a heartwarming sight. We’re sure there were lots of games for him to enjoy and Peppa Pig-themed goodies that make his birthday a day to remember. Once again—happy 3rd birthday, Titus! May you have the best birthday ever! Don’t forget to teach Peppa how to whistle before she goes!

Photo from Nadine Samonte

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