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Top 12 Campgrounds That Every Dad Will Love

Spend quality time with your dad and family—the fun way! Here are campgrounds in the Philippines that you definitely need to check out.

What better way to spend a long weekend with the whole family than on a camping trip to reconnect with loved ones and nature? Here are twelve campgrounds that we believe you and your family will enjoy!

12. Camp Well River Valley (IG: @campwellrivervalley)

With breathtaking views of the beach and river, this campsite is ideal for families who are looking to disconnect from social media and reconnect with nature and their loved ones. At Camp Well River Valley, comfort and safety are of the utmost importance!

Beautiful skies at Camp Well River Valley

11. The Preserve (IG: @preservecayabu)

The Preserve is a popular choice because of its accessibility—no 4x4s are needed! Here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Lanatin River while not having to worry about answering “the call of nature” because they have all the necessary amenities for that! However, because there is no place to cook or grill, make sure to bring your own food.

A stunning view of Lanatin River—right from your tent

10. Windfarm Nature Escape (IG: @windfarmph)

Windfarm Nature Escape is a great place to unwind and enjoy all that nature has to offer. One of the most family-friendly campgrounds, its camper’s lounge comes with food, drinks, and other basic amenities. When you camp here, you can enjoy s’mores by the fire, participate in tree planting activities, and do so much more.

Camp right under a grove of trees

9. Camp Hiatus (IG: @camp_hiatus)

If you and your family are looking for a relaxing, peaceful, and less crowded campsite, Camp Hiatus is the place to be! With higher-end amenities and activities like pools, horseback riding, and basketball and volleyball courts, your kids will be able to get some exercise and create lasting memories.

Talk the night away by the beautiful bonfire area

8. Apiary Mountain Camp and Farm (IG:

Apiary Mountain Camp and Farm has a variety of accommodations, but their domes are the most popular. During the day, enjoy seemingly endless views of the mountains, and at night, stargaze while relishing in the cool mountain breeze. There are plenty of activities to keep both kids and adults entertained, and this camp has its own restaurant, so there’s no need to worry about food!

A gorgeous mountain view from your very own dome

7. Camp Agos Daraitan (IG: @camp.agos.daraitan)

This campground differs from the others on this list, since you can only book Camp Agos Daraitan through Airbnb. But when you do, the entire property is yours! Because there are no fancy amenities, this is an ideal spot for more adventurous families who want to embrace nature in all its glory. When you book this stay, you can fly kites, go tubing, and even visit a hidden waterfall.

Lounge the day away on the swinging bed while enjoying nature

6. Camping at Lake Mapanuepe

If you and your family want to experience true camping, pitch your tent beside Lake Manuepe. These lovely grounds are situated alongside the river—surrounded by lush greenery. This campsite is “off-grid,” which means there is no access to electricity or running water, so come prepared! It is also quite a journey to get to this location because it is relatively new and the roads have not been repaired.

Off grid camping at Lake Mapanuepe

5. 3 Springs Mountain Park (IG: @3springsmountainpark)

Located in Tanay‘s charming mountains, 3 Springs Mountian Park is ideal for day trips or overnight stays for families. This camping option is fantastic—with spacious open areas for the kids to run around in, a gazebo to lounge around during the day, and the opportunity to obtain a tree-planting certificate. Because beer and liquor are not permitted, this is one of the most family-friendly campgrounds on this list.

Breathtaking sunset views at 3 Spring Mountain Park

4. Camp Aurora (IG: @campauroraph)

Camp Aurora is your personal haven for reconnecting with family and nature. It is a family-owned lakefront property that has graciously opened its grounds for you and your family to enjoy lakeside living (at least for a few nights). Wake up to the tranquil waters of Caliraya Lake and spend the day with your loved ones. And when it gets dark, you can enjoy s’mores by the bonfire.

Bonfire pit facing the magnificent Caliraya Lake

3. Kaliraya Surf Camp (FB: Kaliraya Surf Kamp)

Kaliraya Surf Camp is ideal for any family size—with options ranging from regular campgrounds where you can pitch your tents to a tiny home with basic amenities or a full-blown two-story lake house. It has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere where everyone can reset and unwind from the hectic pace of city life.

Serene waters of Caliraya lake

2. Domelis Camping Site (FB: Domelis Camping Site)

Domelis Camping Site was dubbed as “a haven for campers in laguna,” and we have to agree! Although there is no electricity and all water on the property comes from the lake (so come prepared!), the view and rustic experience make up for it. This location is ideal for families who want to spend the day relaxing in the shade of trees while enjoying the breeze. If it gets too hot, cool off in the water.

Because there is no cookware or kitchenware on the campgrounds, try out true camp cooking over the fire or bring your own cook set.

Wooden raft for guests at Domelis Camping Site

1. Bloc Campsite (IG: @bloc.campsite)

If you want to try lakeside glamping with your family, this is the place to go. Bloc Campsite is a small community of tiny houses with basic amenities. Alternatively, you can also pitch tents! Families can go swimming, kayaking, and build a bonfire after the sun goes down! Meanwhile, you can cook your own food or have the lovely staff at the Bloc Campsite prepare delicious meals for you.

Aerial View of Bloc Camp Site

No matter where you choose to stay, make an effort to disconnect from the outside world and appreciate the blessing that is your family.

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