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6 Top Countries Families Can Migrate To

Here are the top countries families can migrate to if you’re looking for opportunities abroad.

We love our country but we love our families more. Although the Philippines has a lot to offer, there are some systems out there that we feel can benefit us and our kids. But migrating to another country is quite a big risk. So here are some of the countries we thought can benefit our families if ever we think of migrating.

1. Finland

countries to migrate to

For many years, Finland’s been praised to have an amazing education system. Until they’re seven years old, kids get to play outside and have a lot of breaks. They have a 5-hour school day which involves them exploring the outside like forests, gardens, parks, and more. Studies have shown that because of this, Finland has consistently made it to the top 20 for best education systems in the world.

Unfortunately, it does take a lot of money for families to migrate to the country. They’ll also need to learn a bit of Finnish to get around. But their experience-centric style of teaching makes it all worth it.

2. Australia

countries to migrate to

Apart from the interesting wildlife, Australia’s a good country to migrate to for parents who work as teachers. They look for a lot of teachers who specialize in Special Education (SPED) and Early Child Education. But even if that’s not one’s specialty, they do have a good Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. They also speak English, making the language barrier a little easier to cross.

3. Canada

countries to migrate to

Considered by many Filipino families as the Golden Land to migrate to, Canada has always been a choice country despite the high tax rate. The high tax rate of almost 50%, however, isn’t felt too much since it goes to many of their services like healthcare, education, public transport, and many others. While it does tend to freeze up there, it’s a small exchange. Plus, there are a lot of travel agencies here that are familiar with the migration process.

4. Japan

countries to migrate to

While the work culture in Japan isn’t exactly ideal, it’s one of the easiest countries to migrate to because of its work visa program. They look for a lot of professionals who speak English, which makes it easier for some families who grew up speaking English as a native language. Unfortunately, families will need to take classes in Japanese and pass a test to be considered for a visa. However, the adjustment for timezones isn’t too bad.

5. New Zealand

For families that wish for a quiet life, New Zealand is one of the best countries to migrate to. A small English barrier with very friendly locals, New Zealand is a beautiful place to settle in. Unfortunately, it’s #5 on our list because of the high living expenses. Houses are hard to buy there because of the costs. But if you totally don’t mind the higher sheep to people ratio, New Zealand is for you!

6. The United States

The United States, particularly California, is home to many Filipino-Americans which makes the country an option for many families to migrate to. No language barrier, some jobs pay better there (i.e. nurses and medical technicians), and the majority of colleges have made names for themselves. Unfortunately, the United States requires a lot of paperwork—unless a family member is there, allowing the migration to be a lot easier.

Migrating one’s family to another country is a big risk to take!

Although the Philippines is a beautiful place, some of us may feel that our families have better opportunities when they migrate to another country. Especially after years of trying to make things better and work, some of us can suffer burnout. But before moving, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons. Because once you start, it’s hard to stop or turn back the process.

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