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Venus Ngu: Boss-Mom at Work

Casanuova founder and managing director Venus Ngu shares helpful tips on how to juggle family life and hit business goals despite the new normal

“I had a lot of things to worry [about] in the beginning because I wasn’t only thinking of the welfare of my loved ones, but also how I could keep the business going,” recalls Casanuova Founder Venus Ngu. On top of helming a business, she’s had to share the responsibilities of raising four children with husband and Cherry Mobile CEO, Maynard Ngu. Apart from Casanuova and Cherry Mobile, the entrepreneurial couple also run several other companies including a fine wine cellar called Cork and an online lifestyle portal, Shop Bliss. 

Support at Home and Work

“Fortunately, I have a strong support system—my family and employees who are always willing to extend assistance in any way they can. I wouldn’t have been able to cope well with the sudden turn of events if not for them,” Venus says with heartfelt gratitude. She also shares how the time spent on lockdown has inspired introspection and self-improvement. “More than a year into the new normal and I am now even more grateful—for the gift of people, time, health, and so much more. By learning to slow down and enjoy the present, I can look around and appreciate the things that really matter. I have also become more productive and creative in developing new ideas.”

Caring for Employees like for those in the Household

At the workplace, Venus is a proponent for smart business practices. She explains that taking care of employees benefits company goals as well. The same advice also applies to running a household. She expounds, “As much as we honor our work hours, we ensure that the same applies to our free time. I believe time management is still the best practice which involves conscious planning and thoughtful decision-making, resulting to greater productivity. We see to it that our responsibilities are met within a fixed period each day, so we still have adequate time to spare to sit down, talk to each other, watch movies, and make the most out of this chance of enjoying more moments together.”

Moving things to the digital world

As a response to the drawbacks of the pandemic, Venus has also led her team towards a seamless migration into the digital realm. It was a smart business decision that not only helped them adapt to the times, but also made her discover and realize what she needs to do for her family and her work. “By adapting to the current situation of the pandemic, the result of innovation gave birth to a new product line and service in the business. Because of what happened, I became more appreciative of every blessing that comes my way. This experience also motivated me to be more responsive and to always think ahead,” Venus ends.

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