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Tyffanie Short: Growing, Evolving, and Blooming as a Mom and Entrepreneur

One Earth Organics founder Tyfannie Short established the brand—not just for herself, but also for the future of her son.

For Tyfannie Short, establishing One Earth Organics is inspired by her son. “I want to provide a better life for my son, Keene, as a single mother handling numerous jobs,” she begins.

To provide income for her son, Tyfannie turned to reselling chemically-based beauty products. Unfortunately, this backfired on her skin. Because of this, she did her research, which then led her to formulate plant-based products that would suit sensitive skin.

Hence, One Earth Organics was born.

Glowing and evolving 

Beauty standards in the Philippines are quite high for both men and women. This is why One Earth Organics continues to create products that give a glowing effect but won’t harm the skin.

More than being plant-based and chemical-free, Tyfannie also proudly shared that One Earth Organics has provided a safe space for clients to address their skin insecurities. In fact, Tyfannie said that her underarms were one of her insecurities, leading her to develop the underarm therapy set.

She decided to share her story on Instagram and after showing the results, clients started ordering the underarm therapy set. This paved the way for her to start her business, as the underarm therapy set led her to create more products, such as soaps, serums, scrubs, and cosmetics.

“Many people want to use organic and natural, but at the same time get the results, be able to afford it, and experience no side effects,” Tyff says of her products.

The beauty industry is a competitive market and many manufacturers try to find ways to cater to the demand, especially putting ingredients that could harm the skin. However, One Earth Organics makes sure to follow the steps, get the approval of the FDA, and stick to organic products.

One Earth Organics natural oils and serums

As for trends, One Earth Organics answers them one at a time according to Tyfannie. “Every time there is a new trend in beauty we prefer to stay on track and focus on finding solutions to beauty problems instead,” she said.

More than beauty products, Tyfannie emphasized the importance of loving oneself. “My beauty philosophy is simply practicing self-love because this means you’re conscious about what you put on your skin, and you take time to treat yourself with a regimen.”

So many things in store 

From selling online and bazaars to being sold in Watsons and Beauty bar branches, One Earth Organics has definitely grown. It now also has its own e-commerce site where clients and moms can buy their preferred products from the comfort of their homes.

One Earth Organics natural products

On top of expanding the brand, Tyfannie wants to give back through the One Earth Organics Business Partnership Program. This program will create opportunities and enhance the entrepreneurial skills of men and women out there through reseller programs and partnerships that give them a source of livelihood.

Indeed, so many things are in store for One Earth Organics. Since its humble beginnings of providing an income from her son, the business—under the leadership of Tyfannie Short—is a testament to her success as a growing, evolving, and blooming entrepreneur.

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