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4 Types of Sunscreens You and Your Family Can Use Everyday

Confused with all the different sunscreens on the market? We give some explanation of the 4 most used types for you and your kids.

It’s summer once again and that means a lot of outings and beach trips in mind for the family. One of the must-have items during outings is sunscreen to protect everyone from the harmful rays of the sun.

With so many sunscreens on the market, it can get confusing especially when you’re unsure of what to use. We list four of the most common types of sunscreens that are applied not only on the body but also on the face.

Cream or lotion version

The cream version is perhaps the most popular sunscreen on the market. Many brands have come out with their cream sunscreens or sunblock with the SPF needed. Depending on your need, the SPF (Sun Protection) varies from 30 to 100. The good thing about this is that you apply it like you’re applying lotion but some find it greasy, hence they prefer other types.


Some brands to check out: Belo Sun Expert, Cetaphil, Beach Hut, and Human Nature


If you’re in a hurry and want a quick tan when you’re on the beach, then try the spray sunscreen. Just spray on parts of the body and your face, wait for it to dry, and you’re ready. While sprays have become popular, the waiting time can be a disadvantage. Despite this, more and more beach lovers have been using the spray as a quick stash on their outings.


Some brands to check out: Banana Boat, Neutrogena, Celeteque, and Nivea

Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted moisturizers are often used on the face. It’s perfect for those who put on makeup because it preps the skin and then you layer later on the makeup you’ll use. Another advantage of the tinted moisturizer is that it won’t dry your skin. It gives you protection not only from the sun rays but also from harsh lights.

Some brands to try: BLK tinted moisturizer, Garnier, Biore, and Issy and Co

Gel type

Gel-type sunblocks don’t give you that greasy feeling. Some are water-based as well so when applied, it absorbs immediately. More and more brands are developing gel-type sunscreens so there are various options until you find one that is suitable for your skin.

Some brands to try: Face Republic, Biore, Kiehl’s, Bath Junkies, Neutrogena, and Bioskin Coco

Remember to test your sunscreen!

Admit it or not, many of us are still guilty of not putting on sunscreen because of its texture. But with the harsh rays penetrating the skin, we need to protect ourselves. It’s also very important to test the product to know which one suits your skin. You don’t want to look like a crab after all because of the allergies.

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