Vicki Belo Channels Her Inner Blink With Her Latest IG Reel

Vicki Belo challenges the stereotype of moms not being able to channel their inner K-Pop stan with her latest IG Reel as a Blink.

Haters still don’t seem to understand that moms have a right to express being a K-Pop stan and look good too! In her latest Instagram Reel, Vicki Belo channels her inner K-Pop stan as a Blink. Captioned “How did i do #Blinks ?? Pink Venom hit me hard too! 💖💗”, viewers went wild! From a white corset gown to all-decked-out in a red Fendi jumpsuit, she slays like a certified BLINK with all her clothes matching the ones on Black Pink’s latest MTV: Pink Venom.

Check out her looks here:

A White Corset Dress (a tribute to Jisoo)

In the Pink Venom M/V, Jisoo’s white corset dress is from the Puglia-based label, Marina Eerrie.

The Red Fendi Jumpsuit (a tribute to Jennie)

Black Pink’s Jennie, in Pink Venom, sports a sheer, red, cheetah-printed Alaïa dress. Vicki Belo’s red Fendi Jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to that!

The Black Monochrome Look (a tribute to Rosé and Jisoo)

Two of Black Pink’s members, Rosé and Jisoo, sported what appears to be a black gown. Jisoo had hers from Miss Sohee while playing the Korean instrument, a geomungo. Rosé, on the other hand, had a black asymmetric cut gown from the Vietnamese label Fanci.

Athleisure (a tribute to Lisa and Jennie)

The pink bucket hat, a green cropped sports jacket, and jeans scream athleisure and tribute to both Lisa and Jennie who sported similar looks.

K-Pop Stans Need None of the Haters’ Ageism!

While her Instagram Reel earned mixed views, it’s clear that Vicki Belo just slays her interpretation of Black Pink’s latest Pink Venom M/V. Age shouldn’t be a gateway to one’s expression as a K-Pop stan. All the more people should celebrate that kind of acceptance and positivity. “Dress your age” is such outdated advice and nobody needs that negativity.

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