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Water Birth in the Philippines: 5 Reasons Many Moms are Choosing It

Water birth in the Philippines is not a new method. The practice has been done through centuries by many women in different countries.

These days, more pregnant women are leaning towards the water birth method for a number of reasons. But what is water birth exactly? According to the American Pregnancy Association, water birth is “the process of giving birth in a tub of warm water. Some women choose to labor in the water and get out for delivery”. In the Philippines, a number of celebrities have chosen to do water birth in their homes.

Here are some reasons why many moms are thinking of switching to the method.

Buoyancy effects

water birth philippines

When a mother is inside the tub of warm water, it helps them lessen their body weight according to the American Pregnancy Association. It also helps in blood circulation and uterine contraction to lessen the pain for the mom and provides oxygenation for the child.

Relaxing birth experience

water birth philippines

A number of studies showed that doing water birth can be a relaxing experience for moms. As contractions happen while inside the tub, the water will make them feel relaxed and calm as the baby comes out.

As for the baby, it reassures security and assurance of its safety once he or she comes out from the mom’s tummy.

Less medication

water birth philippines

In hospitals, moms are normally given anesthesia or medication to help with labor pain. With water birth, it’s believed that the experience underwater will produce more endorphins and improve blood circulation so that the mom can make those quick pushes.

Short labor

Because of the warm water, many believe that they can move and position themselves properly inside the tub as they wait for the baby to come out.

Health and Safety for Everyone

Many moms have opted to give birth in hospitals wherein water birth is provided. But because of the pandemic, several moms have opted to do the water birth in their homes as explained by celebrities such as Coleen Garcia and Max Collins in several of their interviews. Doing it at home has also provided them privacy from the eyes of the public, as their doctors, doulas, and family members wait in anticipation of the arrival of their child.

Consult with Your Doctor

If you’re thinking of trying a water birth, it’s very important that you talk with your doctor about the dos and don’ts. If you have medical conditions, chances are you’ll have to go to the hospital. But if you’re cleared by your doctor, then you can start making preparations. Make sure to inform those who need to know so that they can give you the support you need when the day comes.

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