4 Ways to Celebrate a Pink and Pretty Party by Rochelle Pangilinan

Celebrity actress and dancer mom Rochelle Pangilinan shows how to celebrate a Barbie-themed birthday party through Shiloh’s 4th birthday!

When our daughters love pink, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a fabulous Barbie-themed celebration! Celebrity actress and dancer mom Rochelle Pangilinan threw the cutest pink party for her daughter, Shiloh, who turned four last February 24 but celebrated her birthday on the 26th. For moms looking for a cute way to celebrate a pink and pretty birthday, we spotted some details in Rochelle’s photos that Nice Print Photos took that might just help or inspire you.

1. The cake must always be pink!

A cake will always be the birthday’s centerpiece and set the color tone for the rest of the party. For Shiloh’s birthday, it was a three-tiered cake with the pink number ‘4’ and a unicorn with pink streaks in its mane. The pink stands out against the cake’s white and pale blue background.

2. It’s okay for the birthday celebrant to wear a different color than the primary color!

Shiloh is the center of this birthday party, meaning she gets a free pass to wear a different color other than pink. It prevents her from blending into the background with all the hot pink balloons decorating the walls and background.

3. Have the giveaways match the color motif!

It’s hard to decorate a place with pink because it might hurt the eyes. Instead of coloring it pink, why not put pink on the giveaways instead? It’s perfect for Shiloh as well, who appears to be a big fan of Barbie, with Rochelle deciding on fluffy pink Barbie pillows as giveaways from Arteegram Manila.

4. It’s okay to have giveaways in a contrasting color!

Pink may be nice but it’s not everyone’s favorite color. As one of the Moose kids, Shiloh also gave some giveaways from a brand she endorses, Moose Kids, whose brand color is dark blue. Blue has always matched pink somehow, especially when one is shocking and the other is more of a subdued hue.

Happy 4th Birthday, Shiloh!

Shiloh, along with her mom Rochelle Pangilinan and dad Arthur Solicap, had a big dance birthday party with their family and friends grooving along.

Happy 4th birthday, Shiloh! We hope you enjoyed your birthday!

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