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This is what you need to know about Netflix’s Trese

If your kids are so game for the highly anticipated Trese, here’s what you need to know.

If your kids are into crime series and supernatural creatures, they’re probably jumping in joy because Trese is now animated and coming to Netflix tomorrow! Trese‘s everything they’ve been looking forward to — crime thrillers, monsters, and combat. It also has a pretty star-studded cast for the Philippine dub with Liza Soberano as the voice of Alexandra Trese! Check out the trailer from Netflix here below!

After watching the trailer, you’re probably wondering: with all the blood and jump scares, should we let our kids watch this? Will they be able to sleep at night? Will they suddenly shut themselves in their room and become aswang themselves? Before you let them watch it or block them from watching Trese using parental controls, here’s what you need to know:

Trese uses all the creatures from Philippine Mythology

It may differ from your typical vampires, angels, werewolves, and demons, but your kids are definitely going to love the fight scenes of Alexandra Trese against the aswang. Aswang aren’t your typical monsters where you can just throw them out into the sun to dry and call it a day. These creatures have specific methods of how they should be killed or destroyed. It’ll definitely help your kids develop a better appreciation for Philippine mythology, especially with the very manga-like art style.

It might be the source of nightmares for younger kids.

When we say younger, we’re thinking around 6 years old and below. Kids like that are really impressionable and still think the boogeyman exists or there’s a monster in their closet. We don’t want them to feel that there are more monsters hiding around the house. Older kids though can tell they’re not true and probably have seen worse things when they read manga or comic books. If you’ve heard the title Attack on Titan (AKA Shingeki no Kyojin) or Berserk from your older kids, they’ll be just fine watching Trese.

A strong female lead for your daughters to love

When we watch Philippine films, what do we normally see women do? They’re usually crying, getting into a catfight, screaming at each other, or something else. But Alexandra Trese got no time for that! She’s making sure that the streets of Metro Manila are safe for everyone to walk around by kicking those aswang to the curb. She’s the perfect role model your daughters need to realize that women can kick butt just as good as men.

A fun way to learn Tagalog!

Our biggest complaint as parents is how do we teach our kids Tagalog when we don’t even get what their homework is telling us? Trese, since it’s dubbed and subbed in three languages: English, Japanese, and Filipino, can help you teach your kids how to speak Tagalog in the most enjoyable way possible. Your kids will not only learn more about the Philippines as a culture but also when to use certain lines in the Philippines. Just make sure you explain the parts when the characters cuss. We don’t want them repeating that part!

Possibly a great way to get them to start reading

Trese has such a super rich lore to the point it has a collection of graphic novels for your kids to read. If you can’t access Netflix, you can also support the original artists and writers by buying the graphic novels instead. Trese has 7 issues and you can order them from National Bookstore or even Fully Booked if you have a discount card to use. Besides, if you’re looking for something that’s screen-free for them to do but will catch their fancy, Trese‘s graphic novels will catch their interest.

Should our kids watch it?

While Trese has a lot of educational value especially as Philippine media, we don’t recommend it for younger kids yet unless they have a bigger sibling or you’re there to watch it with them. But for the older siblings, this will really help them appreciate Philippine stories more since they probably think that all Philippine media is about crying and scandals. If you find your kids stocking up on snacks and scuttling to their room tomorrow on June 11, 2021, that means the aswang have come and Alexandra Trese is out there ready to hunt.

Ready for Trese? Here are some other series to check out on Netflix while waiting!

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