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OFW Families: Why They Migrate And What Happens After?

There are many reasons why Filipinos choose to migrate and usually, the migration starts with one child who has the determination to make it abroad.

New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and now even Australia — these countries have been receiving a lot of Filipino students. Many of those who study abroad have a variety of reasons why they end up moving there. Sometimes, it’s a family decision. For others, it’s a decision they made on their own. With the help of IDP, many students are able to find their preferred schools in Australia. But here’s why Filipinos choose to study abroad and eventually migrate.

A Filipino student packing her bag and getting ready to migrate.

1. The course they want is not offered in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, some studies and coursework are still not available in the Philippines. Filipino Psychology, Engineering, and even Art students often migrate to find more chances and opportunities to hone and expand their craft outside of the country.

2. Unstable family life.

Some Filipino students have an unstable family life and want to start anew without drama. Many of these students are usually working while they are still in college so they can gradually process their requirements to move abroad.

3. The desire to grow on their own.

Those who choose to study abroad and eventually migrate are also children of big business owners who want no part of the family business. Ranging between reasons of wanting to establish things on their own to not wanting to be part of the toxic family drama, they eventually pursue a postgraduate degree outside of the Philippines.

4. Bringing their family to a better place.

Family is everything in the Filipino culture and many students study abroad to prepare for the eventual migration and give their families a better life. What constitutes “better” can mean more job opportunities or more advanced medical technology that can tackle exotic or rare diseases.

5. Studying abroad gives a person more value in the job market.

In the Philippines, the job market places a high value on people who have studied abroad. It’s also why schools began clamoring and grabbing at the chance to become International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. Graduating from an IB school makes it easier for high school students to apply for colleges outside, which in turn allows them to get a better job elsewhere.

6. Their dream company is not in the Philippines.

Many programmers dream of joining Silicon Valley and graphics designers wish to join Disney. Unfortunately, both companies don’t have a Philippine satellite yet. But if these Filipino students genuinely want to chase their dream of joining those companies, they need to study abroad and eventually migrate.

7. Frustrations

Whether it’s the companies here, the system, or the quality of life in general, many Filipinos find themselves investing in their studies to make sure they can leave the Philippines.

A Filipino in a plane about to migrate.

The brain drain is real!

A lot of the Philippines’ best minds and talents leave because they have been disillusioned. Even we parents find ourselves working hard to make sure our kids can have a good future in another country. But choosing to study abroad or work outside means having to take tests or pass a few exams such as the IELTS, which the IDP handles to help place students in their preferred schools.

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