Why Everyday Wear is a Good Christmas Gift Idea

LifeWear is the kind of clothes we can wear every day.

Ever since the pandemic started, everyone has been all about making everyday wear trendy. From simple white shirts, little black dresses, and even white sneakers—being trendy nowadays is all about elevating the simple and classic. And with the coming holidays, it’s a challenge! Because everyday wear looks like a rather plain gift to give.

“One of the most enduring Christmas traditions in the Philippines is gift-giving. It is the perfect way to show our love and care for each other,” says UNIQLO Philippines COO, Geraldine Sia.

Our Everyday Wear Becomes LifeWear

Sometimes, buying gifts can be difficult because we don’t know how useful our gift will be or if it’s something that may as well be recycled as a gift to another person. We try to find gifts that are decorative but at times, something simple that they can use will do.

When it comes to buying clothes, Uniqlo assures us that they not only have nice gift bags but inside is a gift anyone in the family will appreciate.

Uniqlo recently lit their Christmas tree to welcome the gift-giving season and debut their new LifeWear line with some new HEATTECH items alongside some familiar faces: Jose Mari Chan, also known to many netizens as the Philippine version of Father Christmas, and The Juans, who recently released Uniqlo’s new Christmas jingle.

At least we know that they’ll use it!

Besides the many sales coming in 12.12, at least we know that there’s bound to be something that will fit and that our kids, nieces, or nephews can use in Uniqlo. And if it’s a gift we’re looking for, everyday wear is something we know everyone needs and will use at some point.

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