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10 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas: Dad Edition

Need a Christmas gift for dad? Here are 10 items to give you a Christmas gift idea for dad!

While coming up with gifts for teens, we figured that all of us are going to have a hard time coming up with some Christmas gifts for dad. Usually, we give tools, car-related stuff, a nice watch, or a new wallet to retire his ‘ol reliable one. But, we’re thinking of adding some variety this year. It may be a little hard since we’re all cooped up at home but some malls have personal shoppers. So, we came up with a list so we can tell our personal shoppers what Christmas gifts we’d like to give dad.

1. Swiss Knife

Since dads work around the house a lot, he’s going to need something that has multiple tools. A Swiss knife can have an average of 10 tools but there are some that have more than that. Especially if dad is going to be more involved in filling up the homeschool portfolio with projects, a Swiss knife is the perfect Christmas gift. He can stick it in his pocket and pull it out whenever he needs it. Some people would prefer Victorinox for Swiss knives.

2. Solar Lights

If dad’s a frustrated engineer or wants to achieve a lower electricity bill, get him solar lights for a Christmas gift. These lights often come in sets or are smaller so he can play around in enhancing their brightness. Especially if he wants to make something bright for Christmas, he’d like solar lights. They take up less electricity but still make the house look cheery and warm for the holidays.

3. Indoor Smokeless Grills

Indoor smokeless grills are part of every cooking dad‘s Christmas gift wishlist. If they’re into grilling fish and meat, they’ll want a grill that’s easy to clean and doesn’t make the whole house smell. It’s probably been a while too that the whole family’s enjoyed a Samgyupsal dinner so, an indoor smokeless grill ought to change the pace of things. Make sure you check the voltage of the grills before plugging them in. Some grills, especially American brands, are only 110V.

4. Old Model Kits

A lot of dads grew up playing with old model kits. They used to build planes, tanks, cars, and robots. Old model kits are more for the tinker-type dad. There’s a variety of kits to buy from hobby shops and they also offer the paint, primer, and tools to make their old model kit one of a kind. It’ll be a new hobby for dads to get into especially if it’s a model of something he’s been wanting since childhood.

5. Quality-Cut Meats

With all the heavy lifting, dads need meat. We’re not talking about the typical meat we buy in the grocery store. Spoil dad this Christmas with a gift full of quality-cut meats. Wagyu beef, US Angus beef, Iberico Ham — the different high-quality meats can really light up dad’s day especially if he gets the case of the munchies at night. A long-lasting Christmas gift for dad can be some quality cold-cuts from Santi’s, too.

6. Socks

You can’t go wrong with socks except if the design is meant for kids. Some dads would like to switch up their fashion from the usual Burlington. They’ll want to be more fun and will enjoy a laugh or two when they find some interesting statement socks. Iconic‘s got a lot of designs for statement socks and they come in all shapes and sizes. The designs aren’t even so childish that dads won’t hesitate to wear them.

7. High-End Alcohol

Some dads love drinking but, let’s do more than the typical beer. Maybe a bottle of Scotch or Whiskey would be a good Christmas gift for dad. It’s strong but it doesn’t hit them as bad as beer. Since beer has a lot more sugar than Scotch, they’ll appreciate a bottle or two. Some cooking dads might even prefer alcohol that they can use for cooking like Marsala Wine.

8. Electric Razor

Dad’s beard can sometimes get in the way of showing affection to the kids so, an electric razor would be a nice Christmas gift. Giving him an electric razor also allows him to trim some of his sideburns or his hair since it’s been a while since his last cut. Some electric razors have replaceable blades so, it’s good to get an electric razor with different speeds and different blades.

9. Coffee Brewing Implements

For dads who are addicted to coffee, brewer pots, coffee grinders, French presses, aero presses, and other brewing implements are a good Christmas gift, too. Although our dads would probably drink their coffee black, they’d probably appreciate it if they could enjoy their coffee brewed in different ways. The coffee-brewing implements are also not limited to coffee. They can be used for tea as well. Hario is a common choice for brewing implements.

10. A Model of Their Dream Car

Every dad has probably had a dream car once in his life. Although we can’t buy him a vintage car, we can get him a die-cast model. Hot Wheels is a brand where you can get some of those vintage cars. The best part is these collectibles can become more expensive if they’re limited editions. So if dad keeps them and their price continues to climb, he can be a proud owner of a collector’s piece.

Add some variety to dad’s Christmas gifts!

Mugs and shirts are good gifts but we thought that adding variety to dad’s Christmas gifts ought to add a bit of sparkle for the holidays. We want our gifts to be more authentic and sincere, and what better way than to really look into what he wants. But at the end of the day, dad would probably love any Christmas gift that comes from us and the kids!

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