10 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas: Teen Edition

Christmas is coming up and if you’re looking for a gift, here’s our Christmas gift wishlist: teen edition!

It’s easy to buy gifts for kids but, what about teens? Teens are always quick to jump from one interest to another. Sometimes they like music, other times they like art. But teens are always looking for something new to experiment on. Whether it’s food, music, or books, they’ll want to try something new to break the monotony of the pandemic. So, we came up with some ideas for a Christmas gift for your teens.

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas: Teen Edition

1. Cash

christmas gift teens

If you’re really not sure what to get your teen, there’s no shame in handing an envelope filled with money or just sending it to them via GCash, PayMaya, or bank transfer. It gives your teens more freedom on what they want for Christmas. They might even want to try investing or if they’re saving up for something else, cash is considered an actual Christmas gift. It may look small but size doesn’t matter when you’re giving them P2,000 for a Christmas gift.

2. Gaming Equipment

christmas gift teens

Not a gaming laptop, that’s just too expensive (unless your gamer teen knows exactly what they want). But gaming equipment is known to be more sturdy and functional than their regular, office counterparts. Gaming mice have more buttons than a typical mouse and also have sensitivity adjustments that make it easier for your teens to use. Brands like Red Dragon or Dragonwar sell decently-priced gaming equipment like video cameras, keyboards, headphones, and mice that your teen may appreciate for a Christmas gift. A lot of these are available in PC Gilmore or Data Blitz.

3. Fashion Basics

christmas gift teens

Teens may want to go trendy but those don’t normally last long. What we can get them for a Christmas gift are some basics which they can mix up with trendy accessories. Maybe a v-neck shirt, some shorts, and then have them pair it up with some bracelets or sandals. Since lockdown levels are lowering, they’ll probably want a change of scenery by going out. Just keep them away from the malls first until we’re really sure it’s safe or they’re vaccinated. They might like clothes from Uniqlo, Cotton On, Forever 21, or H&M.

4. Books

Books are always a good choice; it’s the genre that makes it hard to choose. Some of them might like some self-help books but others might prefer fiction books. Getting books as a Christmas gift might be a little tricky because your teen might have some genre preferences especially with many Young Adult books following the same plot formula each and every time. It’ll take some snooping but they might like works by Neil Gaiman or Cassandra Clare for fiction books.

5. K-Pop Merchandise

Many of our teens and kids love BTS, which narrows our search down to BTS-themed or any K-Pop merchandise. Whether it’s the BTS meal from McDonald’s or a BTS poster, your ARMY teen would most likely appreciate it. Some might even appreciate K-Pop-themed stickers that they can stick onto their laptops so that they can personalize them. Even more so if you have a picture frame that they can put their K-Pop posters in, they’ll cherish it even more especially if it’s their bias.

6. Loungewear

Teens usually change their fashion during the pandemic to cope with the stress. They’re moving on from statement or character t-shirts to something more basic but trendy. Loungewear is perfect for a Christmas gift since it’ll take some time before your teens grow out of it. In picking out loungewear for them, try not to get one with prints since they might not like the statement. Stick to the basics but if you really want to gamble it, you can try loungewear with statements such as “Let’s sleep under the stars” or “Not a morning person”. Something that reflects their mood.

7. Space-Saving Furniture

christmas gift teens

While some of us inherited furniture from our lolas and lolos, our teens might want to redesign their rooms with more modern and space-saving furniture. Since our teens will be going to college soon, they’ll want some multi-functional furniture as a Christmas gift where they can just throw all their college readings into so that they can use it as scratch paper after. IKEA’s opening up so our search for space-saving furniture can start there!

8. Timeless Fashion Pieces

Although a bit pricy, timeless fashion pieces like jewelry made out of 14k gold or a watch are something our teens can appreciate as a Christmas gift. It’s also financially smart since some of those collection pieces will appraise over time. Some of us might want to get our daughters pearls or diamonds (make sure they come with a certificate though!) and our sons a watch or two. So if ever they do have to go to some formal event, they’ll have something to use. Besides, what’s not to like when they’re shiny?

9. A New Cellphone

If our teens don’t have cellphone plans yet then, a new cellphone might do the trick since their phones must be breaking from constant use. Our teens, in order to stay connected, are attached to their phones to combat FOMO but gadgets have a lifespan, too. Ideally, they’ll want something trendy-looking but not something that’ll break right away.

10. Coffee Shop Merchandise

Teens love their planners, tumblers, mugs, and whatever limited-edition coffee shop merchandise they can get. Every Christmas, Starbucks and CBTL are often competing with Christmas edition items that they can use for next year. Some have done the math and these limited-edition merch can cost around P3,000 (depends on how much coffee you can drink or buy) or you can scavenge for those who are selling their sticker collections to make it lighter on the wallet. Either way, teens would love coffee shop merchandise as a Christmas gift since it helps them feel part of the “in” crowd.

It’s a little hard to buy the perfect Christmas gift for teens

No Christmas gift is perfect but it’s why we came up with this short wishlist to help narrow the search for a gift for your teens. They’re currently moving through a stage in their life wherein they’ll like some small toys but they also don’t appreciate them the same way they used to. Our teens will also try to grow up hence, a change in their interests. But there’s one thing that doesn’t change: they’ll always appreciate an “I love you” or an “I’m proud of you” from us especially after everything they’ve been through!

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