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The Metro is Now Under Alert Level 2: Here’s Where You and Your Kids Can Go

Yes, kids below 18 year olds can now go out as more establishments open under Alert Level 2.

alert level 2

In case you missed the news, Malacañang announced last Thursday, November 4, that Metro Manila is now under Alert Level 2 starting November 5.

Based on the guidelines by Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF), children can now leave their homes as more establishments open. “Reasonable restrictions”, however, are still under the discretion of the local government units.

The IATF guidelines stipulate that establishments are allowed to operate at 50% capacity for indoor and 70% for outdoor activities. Kids below 18 years old are now allowed to enter such premises. However, all employees in the establishments they visit must be vaccinated and approved by the local government unit.

Under the guidelines, the following places may operate under Alert Level 2:

  • Amusement parks and theme parks
  • Tourist attractions such as libraries, museums, and park plazas
  • Musical venues such as concerts halls and theaters
  • Sports centers as approved by LGUs
  • Gatherings from households not related to the family

Other establishments such as movie houses, meeting venues, wellness centers, and religious gatherings are also allowed to open and operate under Alert Level 2.

The system will be implemented from November 5 to November 21. For parents who are looking to bring their kids out and experience the outside world again, Modern Parenting recommends having them wear their masks at all times, bringing alcohol and hand sanitizers, washing their hands often, and practicing social distancing. Outdoor theme parks like Enchanted Kingdom will also be open starting November 6, in case your kids want to enjoy all the rides!

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