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Parent Protection: #HealthisEveryday, Moms and Dads! Here’s Your Easy Supplement Checklist

When we nag our kids and/or relatives to take their daily dose of supplements, we shouldn’t forget to take ours either!

Sometimes, the stress of handling everything makes us forget to restock on our vitamins and supplements that help us keep going for our families. While we often poke fun at how our grandparents would have so much “candy” to eat, it’s the truth. As we get older, we find it harder to keep up with work, the kids, homeschool, and everything. We sometimes find ourselves exhausted, irritable, and our skin botched up all because we’re lacking a bit in self-care and some vitamins. So, we checked in with our BFF, Puritan’s Pride, and found out that they have all the supplements we need to keep on doing our best as parents.

So, here are some supplements parents are going to need more of during this pandemic.

1. Probiotics

Probiotics serve as supplements for our guts. They make sure that we absorb all the nutrients needed for us to function and go around as parents. If our body doesn’t absorb the nutrients from our food, we end up getting hangry (hungry and angry at the same time!) or more vulnerable to COVID-19 and other diseases since our immune system’s weakened. As working parents, especially frontliners, we need to keep replenishing with nutrients to stay strong at work and for our kids.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C lets our immune system say “C ya later!” to COVID-19. But it also protects us from the bad effects of stress since we’re juggling so many things. There are school portfolios to submit, dishes to wash, meals to cook/order, places to clean — that’s a lot for one person! And how do we know it’s getting to us? We break out with pimples and start growing wrinkles which Vitamin C helps keep away. So, always make sure your Vitamin C meets your required daily dose. It’ll help narrow down some of the skincare products you keep on the bathroom counter.

3. Vitamin D

For some of us, especially our kids, the last time we saw the sun was months ago. Unfortunately, that means we’re really deprived of Vitamin D. Especially for us moms who might be on menopause, 40 and above, or both, that means we’re more prone to breaking our bones. The sun’s our natural source of Vitamin D which allows us to keep absorbing calcium. But since going out’s a bad idea, best to find a Vitamin D supplement with at least 400IU ~ 800IU. That’s the average amount needed for Filipino adults.

4. Multivitamins

Having to swallow lots of pills is frustrating enough, hence multivitamins exist. A multivitamin contains the daily-required vitamins and supplements in one pill to avoid spillage, overdosage, and overthinking your intake. We often recognize multivitamins as energy boosters, that’s because the pill is formulated to ensure all the nourishing elements are actively taking effect altogether. Brands that create premium, reliable multivitamins, like Puritan’s Pride, make sure that every vitamin and mineral in one capsule is computed to a person’s average daily requirement.

5. Calcium

Unfortunately, not all of us can enjoy milk, milk tea, cheese, cheesecakes, and ice cream without rushing to the bathroom. So, some of us need to take it in the form of pills since milk’s usually the top number 1 source of calcium. The said supplement stops our bones from breaking and in some cases — dislocation. The usual recovery time for bone breakage, strains, and sprains is around 6-8 weeks and none of us love being bedridden as much as we adore getting our adequate amount of sleep. It helps to buy a Calcium supplement that has some D3 in it to make sure all the calcium goes to your bones.

Puritan’s Pride: Vitamins are our BFFs to our existing diet!

Some of us try more natural intakes by anti-inflammatory or vegan, but the stress might be too much even with the food we eat. While many don’t like relying on supplements, it’s better to do so to let us continue being the best parents to our kids and protectors of our families. If you’re overwhelmed, ease those worries and learn from fellow moms and dads on how to keep our loved ones protected by joining Puritan’s Pride on their #HealthisEveryday campaign. You can buy their supplements on their website and on Shopee to get you started towards your family’s protection and wellness.

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