Why the A’TIN Fans Stan SB19’s Moms

SB19 may be the most popular music act these days but their families, particularly their moms, have been earning a lot of admiration from the A’TIN fandom since the beginning.

Since making their debut in 2018, SB19 has carved their mark in Philippine music. With the release of their new single “Where You At” (WYAT) last September 2, the group’s fandom A’TIN continues to throw its support by voting, streaming, and promoting the song on social media platforms.

Pablo Nase, Josh Cullen Santos, Ken Suson, Stell Ajero, and Justin de Dios have become the hottest property in music with several endorsements and a sold-out concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on September 17 plus an incoming world tour. With all the challenges they went through, behind them is the support of their families which have been solid since they started. It’s no wonder why the song “MAPA” is a big hit, as it is dedicated to their families.

The group’s moms – Grace Nase, Gemma de Dios, Mylene Ajero, and Aldrene Santos found themselves in the spotlight, too, with several A’TIN fans coming up to them for photos, conversations, and interviews. Despite the attention, the moms could not be more grateful for the hard work and success their sons now have, thanking the fans whenever they can.

But as much as they prefer to stay in the background, the moms are also game to have fun with the fans when they can. Here are just some of the reasons why A’TIN fans and new fans of SB19 stan the four mothers.

1. The moms are on social media and they interact with the fans!

It’s rare for moms of pop idols to be on social media to interact with fans. However, all four moms are active on different platforms. All of them are on Twitter while some actively interact on Facebook and Instagram. Aldrene Santos, mom of Josh Cullen Santos, occasionally uploads vlogs as well.

Recently, Gemma and Aldrene interacted with fans of their sons on Twitter Space, where they got to share more about themselves as moms to their boys Justin and Josh.

2. They know how to have fun

In one of the videos uploaded on the SB19 Moms channel, Grace, Mylene, Aldrene, and Gemma played Jojowain or Totropahin and Papautangin or Uutangan to the delight of the fans present. Needless to say, everyone ended up laughing nonstop.

3. They act as a second mom to Ken

With Ken’s parents working abroad, all four moms have also acted like a parent to him in their own capacity. In the Papautangin or Uutangan segment, it was clear that all of them love Ken as much as they love their own sons.

4. They check on their kids and unexpectedly trend on social media

Gemma de Dios found herself trending on Twitter last year when she decided to check on her son Justin and Stell who at that time were doing their respective live interactions with fans on their TikTok and YouTube accounts. What followed next were hilarious moments that sent good vibes (and made the boys laugh and turn red) to the A’TIN fans watching that night. Check out a summary of those moments.

5. They treat all A’TIN fans like their own

The moms themselves from time to time thank the fans whenever they can. And some of them have become like their own children. They never fail to thank the A’TIN fans consistently every time they appear or guest in vlogs or interact with them during the events and concerts of the boys.

With some of these moments, it doesn’t surprise any SB19 fan why they also love the moms. Want some good vibes? Head over to their social media accounts and who knows, they may even reply to you.

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