Why We’re Relieved For The Temporary Suspension of the No Contact Apprehension Program

Here’s why some of us are thankful for the temporary suspension of the No Contact Apprehension Program.

Although meant to fix the flow of traffic, the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) No Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP) appeared to do more bad than good. Mainly because it affected the public transport system more than it should have. To iron out things, the Supreme Court issued a “temporary suspension” on Tuesday.

“We welcome the decision of the country’s highest court in issuing a temporary halt to the policy. With this, the LTO, together with the LGUs, transport groups, and other concerned stakeholders will have more time to sit down and discuss issues related to the policy,” shares the LTO Chief lawyer Teofilo Guadiz the 3rd.

Originally, the No Contact Apprehension Program was only applicable through EDSA.

Driving Became an Anxious Affair

Driving was already an anxious affair in the metro. But it became even more anxiety-inducing with the No Contact Apprehension Program. Even with CCTVs, cameras, and technology to apprehend violators, unfortunately, it does not catch the context of the said traffic violation. This makes it incredibly difficult for public operators who make money by volume to cope with the ever-increasing gas prices.

In their attempt to gather more passengers, this makes it equally anxiety-inducing for private car drivers. Reckless swerving, blocking of lanes, and car collisions caused by the unaccounted vehicle’s fishtailing can make the trip to school or the workplace more stressful. All in hopes of making sure they [the public vehicle operators] don’t get caught but at the same time make a living. Gas isn’t getting any cheaper either.

Its suspension doesn’t mean getting more reckless

The No Contact Apprehension Program’s suspension in the four major cities — Quezon City, Parañaque, Manila, and Valenzuela — shows there are still a lot of issues with its implementation. As of now, the LTO is currently working with the LGUs and MMDA to further iron out the guidelines. These guidelines will also trickle down in effect to renewing one’s driver’s license or even getting one. But for now, the rush to school or work may be a little less hectic mentally. It’ll be one less thing to worry about.

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