This Is What Your Kids Really Need To Hear

There’s nothing better for kids than hearing these words of affirmation from their parents…

It’s been almost a year since we’ve started working from home and kids have adjusted to online learning. While we can’t deny the pandemic has definitely brought our families together, we need to keep in mind that we still need to keep each other in check. Our kids especially, need extra words of reassurance during this time of anxiety. Why not make them feel better with special words of affirmation to keep their confidence up?

Moms and dads, these are words of affirmation your kids want to hear…

1. Keep up the good work!

Whether your precious ones are studying online or back in school in person —  trust us, they’re all doing their best to make you proud! Motivate your kids with these words of affirmation and it will surely brighten up their day and motivate them to do better.

2. It’s all about the journey, not the destination

Some children will feel overwhelmed at some point in their lives. They’re worried about their future and everything that comes along with it. Sometimes all they need is a little reminder to focus on the present and ensure them that the rest will follow.

3. It’s OK to cry

Yep, there will be days your kids will feel as if the world is against them and they’re going to cry and that’s okay. Life is full of challenges and lessons which makes it worth it! What’s important is you remind them to keep going!

4. We believe in you and we are always here for you

Your kids need to know that you believe in them and you’re going to support them no matter what. This is essential to your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence!

5. It’s OK to make mistakes

Nobody is perfect and it’s natural to make mistakes. Whether it’s school related or more personal, what’s important is that kids acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them.

6.You are my greatest blessing!

Tell your kids how much you love them and they’ll definitely give you the biggest and warmest hugs! The teens might find this too cheesy but still, letting them know how grateful you are to have them is the best feeling ever.

Yes, we all have our own ways of expressing our love to our loved ones — some parents may not be expressive through words, but keep in mind that reassuring your kids once in a while will go a long way.

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