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Glow Up This Y.O.U.Letide Season With Family And Friends

‘Tis the season to make everyone — including Y.O.U — feel glowy and pretty!

The gift of beauty is something we’d all like to give. But clothes, shoes, and jewelry — these all augment our most favored accessory: our skin. Because giving skincare products doesn’t just grant glamor, it also endows the gift of confidence — one of the gift’s major components. And for families that have a resident skinthusiast and are not sure what skincare to buy, finding a gift they’d appreciate this Y.O.U.Letide season won’t be a struggle with Y.O.U. Beauty’s holiday recommendations.

Glow Up This Y.O.U.Letide Season With Family And Friends

Shining Up The Skinthusiast’s Wishlist

The beauty of gifting to skinthusiasts or aspiring ones is that they’re aware of what’s plaguing their skin. For those who have an ongoing complicated relationship with acne, Y.O.U Beauty’s AcnePlus Clear Skin Holiday Duo aims to support efforts in settling those issues. While the AcnePlus AHA BHA PHA Daily Essence addresses some of the skin’s extra oil, the AcnePlus Spot Care X will polish off all the dark marks left behind.

Shine bright like a Christmas light show with the Glow-Getter recommendation: Y.O.U Beauty’s Radiance Glow series as it revitalizes and repairs the skin. Purify and refresh the skin with their Purifying Facial Foam. That way, the Toner Essence works its hydrating magic into the pores. Add that extra layer of shine with the Illuminating Serum. Then, make it last all day with the Advanced Day Cream, massaging it in to protect the skin’s outermost layer. And after a long day of dazzling everybody with the glow, pamper and soothe the skin with the Night Gel to prepare it for the next day.

But when they’re in the mood to make people swoon, gift them with Y.O.U. Beauty’s Cloud Touch Complexion Series. They’ll adore how silky smooth and lightweight the blurring skin tint, correcting concealer palette, and invisible setting are.

Then for the aspiring skinthusiasts or the practical ones, the Y.O.U. Beauty’s Simplicity Series embraces their philosophy of keeping it short and sweet. With their BB Cream, Gleam Highlighter, Cotton Lip Clay, Love You Tint, and their Icy Glow Lip Serum, it’s the basics that are already tailored to the Asian skin profile.

But not everybody wants to chill for the holidays. The Sunbrella series is perfect for those who love going to the beach for the holidays because it will keep their skin protected!

Radiance Glow Series

Joy To The World, It’s The Gift Of Self-Care!

While it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many skincare-themed gifts for beauty-loving relatives, it’s best to ask them instead. But we’re pretty sure they would have mentioned it in passing, too; whenever we compliment their looks. And for the coming holidays, we’re hoping to leave them in quite a daze. May Christmas gift shopping for your skinthusiast this Y.O.U.Letide season be fun and light!

For more details, check out Y.O.U. Beauty’s products in the different outlets like SM Beauty, Robinsons Department Store, Waltermart, LCC, and select Watson’s Stores. Or, visit the official online store in Shopee, Lazada, or TikTok!

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