Your College Kids Can Make Their Artificial Intelligence Dreams A Reality!

UP Diliman is now opening a Ph.D. track for your college kids who want to push their programming skills further.

The University of the Philippines recently opened a doctorate degree in the National School of Engineering for Artificial Intelligence at their Diliman campus. According to the university’s official press release, they created the course in hopes of “developing graduates who had the mindset to expand the field of artificial intelligence”.

We’re already using artificial intelligence?

We have the command bot Alexa, our iPhones have Siri, and some laptops have Cortana. There’s even the new Google Home that can control our air-conditioner and lights! All those names we just mentioned are forms of Artificial Intelligence. It takes a lot of programming to create these bots. Some programmers describe artificial programming as akin to parenting.

“It’s like telling a child what to do. But instead of telling them what to do, you have to code it in,” shares John, a programmer. “It’s also highly dependent on the framework the AI operates on.”

A New Career Path for our College Kids to Take

Programming artificial intelligence is definitely more complicated than the usual web development that most colleges teach. But a lot of our college kids became programmers because they were inspired by the sci-fi movies that had artificial intelligence. So if your college kids are aspiring to be programmers, they’ll be happy to know that there’s a chance to make their Artificial Intelligence dreams come true.

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