10 Cute DIY and IG-Worthy Kid’s 1st Birthday Giveaways

Here are some cute DIY and IG-Worthy giveaways to give to your guests for your kid’s 1st birthday.

Our kids’ 1st birthday is the most memorable as it’s also our 1st anniversary of being parents! After days, weeks, and months of crying, late nights, laughing, giggles, and playtime, we made it. But like every celebration, there must be cake, presents, guests, and most of all—giveaways. Here are some cute, DIY, and IG-worthy giveaways for your kid’s 1st birthday.

1. Bottled Baby’s Breath Keychain

The perfect DIY giveaway for your daughter’s flower-themed birthday party. There are a lot of flower shops nowadays that sell either dried or fresh Baby’s Breaths. Some even call the said flower “Gypsophilia“. All it takes is a small bottle, some ribbon, and a little Baby’s Breath. Some flower stores even sell dyed Baby’s Breaths.

2. Crate of Chocolate Gold Dubloons

It’ll take a small wooden box, some chocolate coins wrapped in gold, pirate-themed stickers, and plastic. The plastic is just there to hold this DIY giveaway together. For your kid’s pirate-themed birthday party, place the chocolate gold coins in the small wooden box, and slap a pirate-themed sticker on the box before sealing everything in plastic.

Alternatively, it doesn’t have to be gold coins inside. It can be golden bricks or chocolate eggs wrapped in gold, too!

3. Silver Bell with a Ribbon

Especially for our kids born in December, we can take a page out of the Christmas song playbook and use silver bells as a birthday giveaway. Divisoria or even Shoppee sells some silver-colored dinner bells which you can customize by tying a ribbon and a little note for your kid’s birthday.

4. Bottled Fairylights

There are a lot of plastic or glass light bulb-shaped bottles available online. Then you can thread in some battery-operated fairy lights. These fairy lights come in a variety of colors, too—depending on the color theme of your kid’s 1st birthday. For this DIY giveaway, all you need to do is thread the fairy light inside the bottle and then put some stickers for added visuals.

5. Chocolate Milk in a Bulb

Using the plastic light-bulb-shaped bottle, fill it up with a chocolate milk mix. It can be Milo, Swiss Miss, Ovaltine, or any kind of powdered chocolate milk. Some might even add a bit of milk for extra creaminess. Tape a paper straw to the bottle, add a ribbon, and it’s done! Don’t forget to print out a small sticker with instructions on how to make it.

It doesn’t have to be a bulb. It can even be a baby bottle!

6. Baby Bottle filled with Candy

This classic DIY baby bottle filled with candy never fails as a kid’s 1st birthday giveaway. All it needs are fake baby bottles and some candy. Best to buy big bags of candy from stores that sell wholesale like S&R. It’s usually cheaper!

7. Rainbow Popcorn in a Mason Jar

Rainbow babies are truly a thing to celebrate! There’s some light cooking for this particular DIY giveaway though. Pop some popcorn and separate them into different batches. From there, grab some food coloring and make them the colors of the rainbow. Or, they can be in the color palette of our kid’s 1st birthday.

8. Crayon Candles

Wondering how to get rid of those old broken crayons? Turn them into candles! There are a few arts and crafts stores that sell candle wax which easily melts together with the crayons. It’ll take some assembly especially since you’ll need a wick to place inside. For the extra cherry on top, try finding scents that kids like. Things like bubblegum or chocolate-scented candles ought to do the trick.

9. Butterfly Mobiles

With some popsicle sticks, string, and some folding paper, we can make an origami butterfly mobile! Dad can even help out here. It’ll take a bit of drilling and hole-making in the popsicle sticks so you can slip the threads through to suspend the butterflies.

10. Mini Terrariums

A tiny fishbowl, some soil, rocks, and a few succulents can make a safari-themed birthday giveaway. This little project might need a bit of trekking to get the best prices for the succulents.

So many cute DIY kids’ birthday giveaways!

When we go to kids’ birthday parties, we kind of try to see what we can do with our own kids’ birthdays. But with these DIY birthday giveaways, both kids and moms will enjoy them. Happy crafting!

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