LOOK: Zeinab Harake Throws Her Daughter, Bia, A Disney-Themed 1st Birthday Party!

As Bia is Zeinab’s little princess, it’s no surprise that her 1st birthday was Disney-themed.

Disney may be a common theme for 1st birthday parties. But vlogger Zeinab Harake took it to the next level for her daughter. From creating a magical Disney-themed maternity shoot, Zeinab threw Bia a Disney-themed birthday party fit for a princess. Gorgeous floral arrangements hanging from the ceiling, blooming on the tables, and even candlesticks for the grand event showed that Bia is Zeinab’s one and only princess.

A Magical Celebration

Since Disneyland doesn’t exist in the Philippines, that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative. Zeinab Harake posted on her Instagram a picture of her and Bia together with her dress as Belle while her daughter was a little pink fairy.

Photo from Zeinab Harake

Before the party started, the vlogger showed what she bought for Bia. It was definitely worthy for a princess as Zeinab bought her a custom necklace from Manila Diamond Studio! Although Bia looked a bit confused, we’re sure she’ll definitely appreciate it once she figures out the value.

Besides that, there was a grand event with dancing dwarves, butterflies, and even a magic show we’re sure Bia enjoyed. Even Zeinab herself took part in the program, dancing with a prince. Zeinab’s father offered a few kind words for his granddaughter.

“Thank you, everyone, for attending,” he wishes. “All I’m praying for her is that there’s no pain, all she has is happiness.

Zeinab’s sister, Rana, had a heartwarming speech as well. “I’ll be there for you whether you see me as your mom, lola, tita, whatever it is,” she declares.

Happy Birthday, Bia! We hope you enjoyed your party!

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