Sweet Snaps of Wyatt’s and Rocket Miller’s Birthdays

Troy and KC Montero’s kids, Rocket and Wyatt Miller, who coincidentally share the same birthdate celebrate with special day with family and friends

Modern Parenting cover stars and brothers KC and Troy Montero recently threw separate parties for their kids Wyatt and Rocket Miller.

Stephanie Dods, KC’s wife posted a few photos of the gathering held at Mr. Watson’s Brunch & Cocktails place. Wyatt turned one last December 14.

“Snaps from Wyatt’s 1st Birthday. Close family and friends, super chill, small but fun,” Stephanie wrote.

Wyatt Miller, KC Montero's son

Coleen Garcia also posted photos from the party. The actress, husband Billy Crawford, and their son Amari were among those who attend the small gathering.

“Happy birthday, Wyatt! One of Amari’s best friends. We love you and miss you! And we also love you guys @stephaniedods @kcmontero. Cheers to a whole year of being great parents to such a lovable little boy!” Coleen wrote.

Aubrey Miles, Troy’s better half posted snapshots of Rocket’s Cocomelon themed birthday. Rocket turned 3.

“Happy Birthday to our baby Rocket. This is the day when God has answered our prayers and sent another angel into our lives,” Aubrey wrote. “You are so cute in your ways, you are naughty in some days, everything about you is beautiful. Please you can still sleep with us, no rules on how old you can sleep with your mama and papa.” 

Troy also posted some photos saying: ” I hope you enjoyed your 3rd Birthday party my @rocketmiller01. We had a great week here in @thevineyardattanauan the kids really loved it. Special shoutout to the Vineyard staff for the Cocomelon themed Birthday dinner, cheers!”

KC and Troy recently told Modern Parenting about how their relationship has changed now that they’re both fathers and helping each other.

“He understands that your kids come first. We have a different kind of respect now for each other. He loves my kids, I love Wyatt, and I am just so proud because I see that he’s really a great dad,” Troy said of his younger brother.

KC for his part said he’s grateful Troy is around to teach him about dad life.

“I have seen that my brother is super hands-on. And though they [Troy and Aubrey] have some help in the house, he’s always pretty much been there on the ground with his kids for as long as I can remember,” he said.

Happy birthday Wyatt and Rocket! We hope you had a good birthday and more to come!

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