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6 Times KC Montero Proved He’s Nailing The Parenting Game

Yes, we’re still not over how cute Wyatt is

If you aren’t following KC Montero on Instagram yet, you might want to. He’s been upping his IG game with the cutest posts of his son, Wyatt Cody Miller. Late last year, KC and his wife, Stephanie Dods welcomed Wyatt into the world and IG has never been the same. While Montero’s posts have always been LOL-inducing, his posts about bright-eyed Wyatt’s been giving us major heart eyes.

And now that Wyatt’s been delving into the world of solids and drinking from sippy cups, we’ve been tapping that heart button even more. Yes, we’re totally here for KC Montero’s #dadlife and here’s why:

1. The time he acknowledged that Stephanie’s done all the hard work

In his sweet IG post, KC gives credit where credit is due. In his post, he talks about baby mama Stephanie and all the hard work she’s done: “In about 30 days we’re bringing a little angel into this world. I say we, but honestly it’s YOU. You’re doing all the work. You’re the one getting kicked in the ribs, your bladder punched, countless pin pricks to your fingers, just to name a few. You’ve done most of this on your own and I couldn’t be more proud to call you my wife.. You’re a tough mama. I can’t wait to see you two together.”

Mamas in the back who don’t feel the love, you’ll want to show this to your partner, stat!

2. When he called Wyatt a bundle of perfection

We love how in love KC is with Wyatt. In this sweet post, he says: “My son, you are everything that is perfect wrapped up into a tiny bundle. Sleep well for one day you will move mountains.” At this point, KC’s probably changed a diaper or two, so we know it’s legit. Trust us when we say once you change a poopy diaper, your life will forever change.

3. The time he tried to teach quantum physics to Wyatt

New parents can all relate to how darn gassy newborns are. While they’re not passing gas, they’re either crying or pooping — then the whole cycle begins again. And for some babies, rarely sleeping. While we laud KC’s attempt at Tiger Mom-ing Wyatt, we know it’s only a matter of time before he does the former again.

4. His cute conversations with Wyatt

When you’re the son of KC Montero — you’re bound to have the gift of gab. While Wyatt isn’t quite there yet, he’s determined to have a chat with his Dad, the only way he knows how.

5. The time he got Wyatt to finish his food

For some parents, getting their kids to eat is already a big deal. KC’s goal? To get all that food in Wyatt’s mouth. Check out Wyatt’s adorable attempt at feeding himself, getting his pasta in every nook and cranny of his face. Thank goodness for that bib!

6. When he tried to convince Wyatt to say “Dada”

While it might be every dad’s dream for their bub to have “Dada” as their first word, check out KC’s attempt at making “Dada” happen. Sadly, it did not, with “mama” as the clear winner. “I have a technique, I will DM you,” says Nico Bolzico. Clearly the technique has yet to work…

Wyatt Cody Miller

Wyatt Cody Miller is KC Montero and Stephanie Dods’ first child. He’s named after KC’s father, who passed in September, 2018. Interestingly enough, Troy Montero, KC’s older brother, is also named Cody.

In an Instagram post to mark his father’s passing, he shared a Boomerang of him, his father and his niece. “My last photo with the Big Hunter and the Little Princess. 11 days later he went on that big expedition in the sky,” writes KC. “There will never be another one like him. We love and miss you so much Dad. #F***Cancer.”

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