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KC Montero & Stephanie Dods: It’s Not Complicated

KC Montero and Stephanie Dods, aka Casey & Stephanie Miller, share how raising a newborn amidst a pandemic has taught them the true meaning of hope and joy. 

Former MTV VJ, KC Montero and his wife, Australian-Filipina model, Stephanie Dods, are both home buddies. When the pandemic struck, they had just settled into wedded bliss. And although staying in was a luxury that they relished in, restrictive lockdown was a completely different story. Parenting their first born Wyatt Cody amidst a global health crisis was something they were completely unprepared for. But it was an experience that would usher in exciting milestones and life long lessons. 

“Raising a newborn during this time has been a challenge, but the main one would be the isolation from family and friends. Especially in the first few weeks, not having our parents around to help like we imagined we would,” says KC. “But on the other hand, it has been a blessing in disguise since it’s allowed us to really focus on our son without any distractions.”

For first-time mom, Stephanie, caring for a new born while in isolation compels her to think out of the box. She researches and plans new activities everyday, saying, “There’s a lot of Googling and DIY sensory play that goes on. But I always make sure to set aside some time to do the things I love, like working out and cooking. Even if it’s just a couple of times a week.” 

Navigating their way around parenting at an unprecedented time was also paved with disappointments and worry. KC’s work engagements in the entertainment industry had been put on hold. The sense of isolation, meanwhile, was amplified for new mom Stephanie. As the new parents slowly adapted to the new normal, it became easier for them to focus on hope. 

They now look forward to traveling as a family, and for Wyatt to finally meet his grandparents, who live overseas. As dreams grow around and alongside their son, KC and Stephanie aspire to experience the world through his eyes. As Stephanie states, “We are closer than ever as a family, and we realized that true happiness isn’t complicated but simple. As long as we are together and are in good health that is all that matters.” 

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