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10 Work-From-Home Jobs Moms Can Get Into

Here are some jobs that moms can get into as they work from home.

Not everyone has the brains, drive, and money to become an entrepreneur. Mompreneurs spent a lot of time and hard work. But like the meme says, “Ain’t anybody got time for that!” Other times, the idea of managing their own business is terrifying because moms also manage the house. Whether it’s for some shopping money or building up savings, here are some jobs moms can apply for with a permanent work-from-home setup so they won’t have to worry about leaving the kids.

1. Social Media Manager

A lot of moms apply in becoming social media managers because everything is kept in one place: social media. Being a social media manager may mean managing ads or answering inquiries on a brand’s social media page. While others request graphics knowledge, that’s easily solvable with Canva. Some moms have made a living by becoming freelance social media managers to the point that they can command their prices. The best part is it’s usually a permanent work-from-home set-up.

2. Video Editor

Marketing companies and even agencies often outsource people in producing videos. Although this may need a large capital, it slowly gets easier since majority of the software programs needed are usually a one-time buy. After learning how to use Sony Vegas or different video editing programs, work-from-home moms can also use this job as a practice to help their kids make their projects or even produce their own short videos to make money on YouTube.

3. Virtual Assistant

A CEO always has a lot of things to do and international companies are always looking for an alternate brain to help them figure out what to do next. Virtual assistants are exactly that. Although it’s like being their virtual secretary, these CEOs are paying for organizational skills. Something we’re sure we moms have had enough practice that we may as well have a Doctorate Degree for it.

4. Transcribing

Moms developed the ability long-time ago to listen and hear everything all over the house because only God knows what kind of mishap the kids and dad are getting into. Some companies hire people to transcribe interviews because transcribing does take some time to do. It requires a sharp ear which not many people have. It’s all work-from-home, too. All they need to do is send the media file and off to transcribing we go.

5. Subtitling

Remember how movies always have subtitles? Those aren’t programmed! There are companies that hire people for it. The majority of the time, these companies require a good command of the English language but there are others who need translations and subtitling. The best part is that sometimes, moms can get a free advanced preview of the movie before it comes out.

6. Graphics Design

Not everybody has the space and money to afford all the traditional art materials and mediums. Since marketing is always online now, companies are always on the prowl looking for people who can design digital stuff for them. Graphics design can range between layout or illustration, depending on your preference. But a lot of graphic designers do both. Some work-from-home moms even get by just using online photo editors.

7. Community Moderators

Companies create exclusive communities on social media but don’t have the time to manage all the people there. So, they hire people known as “community moderators” who handle the posting and questions, and making sure everyone follows the group’s rules or guidelines. Moms don’t need to leave home for this job either and can apply what they’ve been doing with kids: negotiating. Since half the time, people on social media tend to throw tantrums like entitled children.

8. Proofreaders

Proofreading is a big industry especially since everything is online now. Checking for spelling, sentence construction, and all sorts of things play a big role in how information is spread out. It may take a little reading but at least it pays for moms who find it more comfortable to work from home.

9. Translators

One frustrating thing that people have to deal with is the lack of translation. K-Dramas, Filipino Telenovelas, and C-dramas all need a translation at some point. Usually, this comes hand-in-hand with subtitling but some people would rather have it separately. Usually, work-from-home moms get paid per minute based on the video.

10. Content Moderator

Ever wonder how some content makes it to social media and some don’t? There’s usually a face behind it and it’s usually work-from-home parents or people. Content moderating means looking through different videos and posts to check if they violate a standard or fail against fact-checking.

We Salute Work-From-Home Moms!

Not all moms are comfortable with leaving their kids at home alone or with a nanny. But not all companies are mom-friendly when it involves allowing them to bring their kids to work. However, there are a lot of websites that allow this such as Persona, LinkedIn, MonsterJobs, or Upwork. And if you’re planning to get into this, there are some courses on Udemy which go on sale every now and then to help prepare moms for their new work-from-home set-up.

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