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The Life, Times, and Wisdom Nuggets from Working Moms to Close Mother’s Month

Mother’s Day isn’t really a holiday for working moms. But finding that time to make it one counts for these moms.

Working moms balance both a household and a business. So, it leaves many people wondering when they will ever have time for themselves. Mother’s Day was supposed to be that holiday but some of them know that when the iron is hot, it’s better to strike then and there. However, it’s that constant living at the moment that these working moms are able to impart some valuable insights to close Mother’s Month.

It’s Better To Be Kind Than Be Right

Like what Dr. Kaycee Reyes (also known as The Holistic Doctor) tell us, “You can’t put a good person down.”

working moms mother's day
Dr. Kaycee Reyes

In the hopes of being good people, sometimes, being ‘good’ gets mixed up with being ‘right’. But for Chef Kelly Parreño-Librojo and Marissa Gutierrez, it’s better to be kind. And in the pursuit of being right, we shouldn’t step on anyone to advance.

working moms mother's day
Kelly Pareño-Librojo

“In facing challenging people or situations, remember that it is better to be kind than to be right. Do not be afraid to speak up but always do it with respect,” shares Chef Kelly.

1335/MABINI‘s Lead Gallerist and Art Aficionado Marissa Gutierrez imparts these words to her daughters. “I remind them to not step on anybody to advance in life—in which the blessings of others do not relate to the blessings coming to us. It will come when one is ready; it will come when it’s time.”

working moms mother's day
Marissa Gutierrez

Another crucial advice to remember is to be deserving of the trust people give. Like the CEO of Keepr Storage Solutions and Moovr PH Anna Moncupa says, “Trust is the most expensive commodity.”

Anna Moncupa

Give Yourself Breathing Space

Working moms are aware that breathing space is almost like a mythical creature. But like what Marissa Gutierrez shares—having that breathing space needs conscious effort. It’s especially needed during moments when you need to accept that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to.

For Dr. Kaycee, it’s accepting that giving her “100% consistently and constantly” is not only impossible but unrealistically demanding.

“We need to have a realistic understanding between our goals and how much effort we are willing to exert to achieve them,” adds mompreneur Anna Moncupa. “It’s good to be prepared for disappointment. The world does not always work in our favor and that’s okay. Great even—because we get to learn from our failures.”

“It’s not selfish to have days where we’re lazy and need to recharge,” Chef Kelly states. “As they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup.”

There is Fulfillment In Seeing Children Become Independent

Working moms may feel that sometimes, they’re missing out on many of their kids’ milestones. It is a bittersweet feeling for many—which Marissa is aware of. “Seeing my daughters grow up beautifully right in front of me makes me so nostalgic. It’s a bittersweet feeling as well to see Kalista and Elle go from being cute little toddlers to young kids having fun on their own.”

Marissa Gutierrez

But for moms like Anna Moncupa, it can be extremely rewarding, too. “Having children at different age levels, independence is varied for each one. My teenager has started analyzing things more inquisitively, forming her own questions and frameworks. I always look forward to our conversations after a long day as I get more insight into how she is navigating through her teen years. It’s amazing seeing children come to their own. That said, guiding children to be independent can be quite challenging. It’s almost always easier to just cater to them—definitely less fuss.”

Anna Moncupa

Having A Business Is Like Having A Kid

Marissa Gutierrez sums up the experience of every mompreneur in the little nugget of wisdom she passes to her team. “Our business is like a baby,” she says. “Nurturing and developing the gallery as it is, and letting it grow naturally is the most important thing.”

Besides nurturing the business, there’s also being nurturing to the customers who are like the business’ friends. Dr. Kaycee proceeds by gathering ideas from the family and the Luminisce team to make them healthy—so that they can serve as best as they can.

Dr. Kaycee Reyes

Anna Moncupa’s storage business has grown into a hybrid one, to accommodate short-term needs. Meanwhile, Chef Kelly plans to open a café in line with her dentist husband’s clinic, Asian Implantology and Integrated Dentistry (AIID) in Okada Manila.

Kelly Pareño-Librojo

These mompreneurs walked so many other working moms can run

Starting a business for many working moms sounds like a big risk. After all, starting a business needs capital, effort, and a lot more time. It won’t be the typical 9-hour desk job anymore. But just because they’re working on a business doesn’t mean they’re any less of a mother. To close Mother’s Month, we salute these working moms as they took a great risk on an idea, polished it, and shined it up—all in the hopes of giving themselves and their families a brighter future and life.

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