It’s Time For Moms To Enjoy A Mother’s Day Out

Moms really need a Mother’s Day Out!

When was the last time we moms had a day out without worrying about anything? For some, it’s probably the times we leave our kids with their grandparents. On the other hand, perhaps it was when we weren’t even moms yet! It’s crazy when you think about it. But being a mom needs to be celebrated—which means enjoying snacks from Honest Junk and Morsels Healthy Snacks, moscatos from Wine Warehouse, and lots of chikahan. That’s exactly what’s going to happen this May 19 at Okada Manila when Modern Parenting proudly presents a get-together for moms: Moms Day Out.

Celebrating A Mother’s Day Out

Aside from snacks and wine, a coffee bar by Nespresso will be present to give a boost of energy. Moreover, Ogawa will be raffling off gift certificates while Okada Manila will be sponsoring staycations. There will also be loads of giveaways from i-Fern, Hada Labo, Skin Aqua, Sans Fluo, ELIN, Belle De Jour, Oasis Sauna, YOU Beauty, Assad Mini Mart, and G8 Academy.

Modern Parenting’s Moms Day Out focuses on giving moms a chance to kick back, relax, and not worry about the kids and chores for the next three hours. All this will be happening in Okada Manila as moms from different walks of life get to talk and find their support groups in being a mother.

Everyone needs a break; moms — even more so!

Taking a break or finding time to stop takes a bit of conscious effort. It’s scary at first, considering how we often hate not being productive. But the lines between work, being productive, and rest have often blurred—making it easier to shame others for rest. But we know that moms are working 24/7 and they do need a break. So it’s exciting to have a Moms Day Out!

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