Weekend Activity Idea: Family Movie Marathon and DIY snacks

Family films that the whole group can watch!

Bonding with the kids is over a good family movie is always something we look forward to. Even if we’ve been at home a lot for more than a year now, they have school and we have work. It’s nice when during down time, you can spend some quality bonding moments over a nice flick that appeals to the entire bunch at home.

Netflix has been our go-to watch hub for a while now because it’s super affordable, easily accessible, and has quality content. If you’re on the hunt for a nice film to watch with your kids, read up, and let us know if you find anything you like. We’re also added some awesome snacks to make movie time even more fun! Enjoy!

Add These Awesome Family Movies To Your Watchlist

1. Check this family watch, Yes Day, for a good laugh

YES DAY summer movie poster with mom and dad wearing costumes with kids.

As a parent, we want what’s best for our kids. It can be tempting to be overbearing, but kids really do need their space and room for growth. If you’re feeling the dilemma and are in the mood for a good comedy, this film might appeal. Jennifer Garner stars in this Netflix summer hit, YES DAY. In the movie, she plays a mom who, together with her husband, decides to say “YES” to every request of their children for a whole day—with a few ground rules. We’re curious to know what the outcome was and we’re sure you are, too!

Enjoy this family movie with: Raspberry Ice Cream in A Bag

2. Go on an adventure with a yeti in Small Foot

SMALL FOOT summer movie poster with big giant and kid

A feel-good cartoon with a dash of comedy is almost always, a sure winner, no matter what age you are. The plot of this creation is quite interesting. It stars Small Foot (Channing Tatum), a bright young yeti, seeking to prove that humans do exist. We watched the trailer and had a few good laughs while doing so. We’re bookmarking this family movie on our calendar asap.

Experience the thrill of this family movie with Frozen Banana Pops.

3. Enjoy this family movie, We Can Be Heroes, and experience that feel-good vibe we all love

We can be heroes summer movie with children looking at camera

Living with a tween? Boost your kid’s confidence with this empowering family watch that shows what self-belief and confidence can do. In the movie, roles are reversed because now, the superheroes’ kids have to work together to save them—and the planet. With all the superhero movies coming out, it’s refreshing to see one with kids in the starring roles.

Experience this family film’s adventure with No-Bake Peanut Butter Treats!

4. Graving for some chocolate? Why not watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Johnny Depp stars as Willy Wonka in this beguiling summer family film that will take your imagination for a ride. Maybe as a child, you’ve watched the 1971 hit, so maybe it’s time to watch the remake with your children! Since we’re always at home, won’t it be nice to go on an awesome adventure inside Willy Wonka’s peculiar and enchanting factory?

Relax and chill over Chocolate Protein bites.

5. Over the Moon

summer movie over the moon poster with 2 kids following a japanese girl

Did you ever look at the moon as a child and wonder what might be there? This movie takes you back to that dreamy and exciting time in your life. Glen Keane, the visionary artist behind iconic animations—Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast, is also behind this magical creation. We particularly love the soundtrack of this family movie, which is reminiscent of the old Disney cartoons we used to watch as kids.

Go over the moon with some Banana Sushi.

While we all have things lined up and sometimes feel like our to-do list doesn’t end, it’s important to find time to bond with your kids. They won’t always be kids, so relish those moments as much as you can! Have a great summer everyone!

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