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8 Pink Booze and Bubbly To Celebrate Women’s Month

Celebrate Women’s Month with these delicious pink bubbly and booze

Pink’s been a long time designated color for women. It’s used for clothes, flowers, and is seen as a highly feminine color. Some even shame both women and men for liking pink. But not for this March. We celebrate women’s strength with a bottle of our favorite pink bubbly and booze. Some of us may like beer but others might want to raise the standards a little. Here are some pink bubbly and booze we can enjoy celebrating Women’s Month.

1. Yellowtail Pink Moscato

Easy to find in any local liquor store, the Yellowtail Pink Moscato’s one of the lighter pink bubbly. Some even say it’s a woman’s gateway drink for champagne. Unlike the other Moscato under Yellowtail, the Pink Moscato has a slight hint of sweetness that’s perfect to start the meal or serve at a ladies’ e-night out. The fun part about this drink is that it can be drunk in a goblet or chugged down through the bottle.

Photo from Yellow Tail

2. Tequila Rose

The strong flavor of Tequila mellowed out with strawberries and cream making Tequila Rose a favored pink drink in the bar. Especially in debuts, college parties, and even weddings, Tequila Rose enchants its consumers with the fruity strawberry taste and a lighter metallic flavor often found in Tequila. Best enjoyed chilled, the Tequilla Rose is also a pretty good drink to start drinking with your daughters if nobody likes beer at home.

3. Pink Peach Soju

Beer’s no longer the trend and our daughters would prefer a bottle of Pink Peach Soju. Known as the Korean Vodka, the Pink Peach Soju has a fruity flavor that best works with grilled food like Samgyupsal. A woman’s K-Drama binge night will never be complete without a Pink Peach Soju. Don’t forget to have some little chips or picks to enjoy it with. Some enjoy the drink with a bowl of Shin Ramyun and others can enjoy it with some yummy Kimchi chips.

4. Martini Asti Rosé

For those looking for a more European touch after a long night of watching Bridgerton, the Martini Asti Rosé goes well with caviar pies. The explosive saltiness of the caviar pies and its biscuits are easily complemented by the Asti Rosé’s sweet, fruity flavor with a hint of pepper. When chilled, the sweet fragrance from the Asti Rosé is more pronounced. It’s a little more in the mid-tier when it comes to price but we’re sure that it’s well worth the spend.

Photo from Martini

5. Gibson’s Pink English Gin

A little more on the strong side, Gibson’s Pink English Gin has a more dominating sweetness with the mix of juniper berries, coriander, angelica, strawberries, and rose petals. Sometimes, we’re looking to raise our alcohol tolerance but at the same time enjoy it. As women, some of us do take offense when they call us lightweights. Sure we’re not fond of the crude tastes of the other alcohol but that doesn’t mean we can’t drink you under the table when challenged.

6. Château d’Esclans Rock Angel Rosé

A highly acclaimed Southern French wine that goes well with our fancy dinners, the Château d’Esclans Rock Angel Rosé has a tart and silky texture that charms anyone to have another. It goes well with goat cheese, lamb, shellfish, sushi, and veal. For those who are indulging themselves with sushi and good wine for Women’s Month, the Château d’Esclans Rock Angel Rosé is a perfect candidate wine for the celebration.

7. Mateus The Original Rosé

Some even send Mateus’ The Original Rosé as gifts for their female sponsors in their wedding with a personalized goblet. A Portuguese wine, it’s considered an “easy” drink because of how well it goes with other food without clashing flavors. Many recommend this pink bubbly with beef, wild game (deer), lamb, and poultry (i.e. duck, goose, chicken, etc.). With it being rosy and fruity, it’s a good drink to have also during light meetings especially if some will be driving home alone.

8. Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé

Moët & Chandon’s Ice Impérial Rosé is the very first pink bubbly and booze to be enjoyed with ice. Most of the time, rose champagne is just chilled. But this one can be enjoyed on the rocks and is a favored drink in hotels. Most buffets in hotels have this drink available but if hotel buffets aren’t in the plans, it’s easy to order one too. Just make sure to exercise extra discipline once this reaches the home. It can be so easy to finish one whole bottle.

Photo from Moet & Chandon

On March, we drink pink

Pink’s a color often shunned but we say embrace it. Embrace the color that symbolized feminine energy for women, daughters, and moms everywhere. It’s a color that’s lasted over the years and made our bubbly and booze extra tasty. Plus, drinking with our daughters is a fun way to spend Women’s Month. Girl talk over pink bubbly and booze is one way to not only train our daughters how to drink responsibly but to also bond with them too.

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