All’s Fair In Love and War in Bridgerton Season 2!

Daphne’s found her love but can her brother, Lord Anthony Bridgerton find his in Bridgerton Season 2?

The love, the scandal, and the classy romance — these are a few of the reasons why we loved watching Bridgerton. The old-style courtship and the sweet moments between Daphne and Simon woke up the hopeless romantics in us. After the long wait due to delays in shooting no thanks to the pandemic, Bridgerton finally premieres its Season 2 on March 25, 2022! We’re just jumping in our seats in anticipation, wondering what scandals and love are in store.

What to expect from Bridgerton Season 2

Unfortunately, the spotlight won’t be too much on Daphne and Simon as their love story’s over. It’ll be on her eldest brother, Lord and Viscount Jonathan Bridgerton. Since Season 1 focused on a woman’s perspective in becoming one of the most-desired debutantes, Bridgerton Season 2 now focuses on a young man’s perspective as he tries to find the debutante that fits his standards.

As Lord Jonathan begins his quest for love, he finds himself entangled in a variety of things. Societal standards, his duty, and eventually his feelings — the young lord’s got a lot to contend with. We also find out that the Featherington family will make an appearance as Penelope desperately tries to hide her deepest secret.

A perfect bonding show for moms and their daughters

Bridgerton may have a lot of scandals but there’s also the classy romance that we want our daughters to aspire for. Although it may be quite difficult in the digital age, there’s always a way to find that classy, pure, and kind romance. Whether it’s us having a small dance with our husbands in the living room or helping our daughters have a romantic date in our homes, Bridgerton’s one way to raise the standards. Don’t forget to catch Bridgerton Season 2 on Netflix this coming March 25, 2022!

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