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Valentine’s Date Ideas: How To Play It Safe Without Scrimping On Romance

Celebrating love in the time of pandemic doesn’t have to be boring. Here are fun and creative ways to enjoy the day of hearts.

Okay, so you don’t have dinner reservations this year. So what? Who says you can’t get dressed to the nines, enjoy an expensive bottle of wine and have an amazing meal with your special someone — right in your own home? Think of the savings, not having to wear a mask or sit in traffic, and …having your bedroom just a few steps away.

One of the best things about celebrating Valentine’s Day is planning the day itself. So you already have the flowers, the chocolates, and that well-wrapped gift tied in a red ribbon? Now you gotta think of ways you and your partner can enjoy each other’s company.

But before you go crazy with the planning, you need to remember on thing: pandemic. And since safety is a priority, here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day worry-free.

Pandemic-friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas

Have a romantic dinner at home

Relive the magic of the first date (or the last time you went out together) by setting up a nice dinner at home. Of course, cooking a hearty meal adds a personal touch to it. Opt for quick-and-easy recipes, and use premium ingredients: a well-cooked steak plus a choice of sides, your best bottle of vintage wine, and his/her favorite set of sweets to cap a tasty meal. Use your good plates and zhuzh it up a bit with a beautiful flower arrangement. There is no shortage of tablescaping inspo out there, so give it a shot. Don’t forget to set the mood by putting on some good music, light up some candles, and take his/her breath away.

Netflix and chill

If you’re looking at something simpler, “Netflix and Chill” is the way to go. Tip: Instead of endlessly reading each movie title before settling for a not-so-good flick, gauge the mood and your partner’s attention span. Titanic may not be for everyone. To give you guys a head start, check this out: Cinema Valentino: More Than 50 Romantic Flicks for Your V-Day Film Fest. Most importantly, keep the snacks overflowing: bottles of wine chilled, popcorn within reach, chips and dip by the table, a warm comfy blanket to tuck yourselves in, and dim lighting to enhance the mood of the evening. 

Let the kids join in the fun (before bedtime, of course)

It may seem unavoidable to keep the little ones at bay, especially when you are celebrating at home. You might want to consider having them join in on the fun. Start by creating your Love Day meal together. Have them help with the pasta sauce (where they can help putting in ingredients). They will surely love making desserts and baking cookies with you.

Enjoy dinner with a meaningful conversation by talking about love (but make it fun and age-appropriate!) to encourage them to be open with the topic in the future. End the evening with fun board games or a family movie. Not only will this bring your family closer, but it also teaches them that Valentine’s Day celebrates all kinds of love. And that it can be celebrated anytime, anywhere as long as you’re with the people you love.

Take advantage of your food delivery apps

For those who aren’t as confident with their kitchen skills, indulge in food by ordering instead. You don’t have to go the usual route if you don’t feel like eating anything fancy. With food delivery, the culinary world is your oyster. Whether you’re in the mood for a Mexican fare or a Chinese spread, a well-planned dinner is a call away. You can even push the envelope by making a personalized 5-course meal delivered from 5 varying food outlets. But make sure you plan ahead, call early, and find a way to keep the food hot and fresh before mealtime.

Go on a staycation

Well, if you feel the need for a change of environment, I can’t blame you. If you’re going for a staycation, make sure you go to a trusted hotel nearby just in case the little ones really need you back early (but you can bring them along too!). Shangri-La at the Fort not only offers curated Valentine’s Day kits from Raging Bull Chophouse and High Street Lounge, which you can set up at home. They also have Valentine’s Day offerings such as room accommodations with additional touches such as a limousine ride and champagne served by a dedicated butler. You can never go wrong with their selection of dining locations too. Raging Bull Chophouse, Samba, and the Horizon Club Lounge have their own specialized menus dedicated to your celebration.

SHANGRI-LA AT THE FORT is located at 30th Street, corner 5th Ave, Taguig City. For more information, visit their website. You can also pre-order by calling 091SLFMEATS (+63917.536.3287) or by emailing [email protected]

Parents have been so preoccupied since this pandemic began making sure the kids are alright. So on Valentine’s Day, show yourselves some love, moms and dads. It’s totally okay. And more than that, spend time with the one you love and don’t neglect to nurture your relationship. There is no better time than now.

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